Malaysian Couple Stun Wedding Guests with Splendid Chandelier Wedding Cake

Most of the guests at Malaysian actors Zahirah Macwilson and Aiman Hakim Redza’s wedding last Thursday were probably expecting something special, but none of them could predict an upside down wedding cake dropping from the ceiling.

I’m not sure how happy Zahirah and Aiman are about being upstaged by a cake at their own wedding, but that’s exactly what has happened ever since their big event, last Thursday. All everyone seems to talk about both on social media and on entertainment news sites is the gorgeous chandelier cake that was lowered down on a small stage for the couple to jointly slice. To be honest, it was quite an attention grabber, definitely one of the most impressive wedding cakes we’ve ever featured on OC.

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The now famous chandelier cake was the handiwork of  Lily & Lola Cakes, a Kuala Lumpur professional cake shop, and took about a week to make. Founder Lily Osman, 28, told New Straits Times that she had had the idea for a chandelier cake ever since 2017 and that this special event gave her and her sister the opportunity to make it a reality.



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“It’s an idea that my sister Alya and I have been thinking about since 2017. Aiman’s and Zahirah’s wedding became our golden opportunity to put it into practice as it fitted their Rustic wedding theme,” Lily said. “We did the white cake in a week and then it took us an hour to hang it up like a chandelier. It was difficult and tricky, because cakes are fragile.”



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The cake maker added that several people were required to fasten the cake onto the chandelier and make it look like the cake itself was a chandelier. Apparently, such an artistic wedding cake can cost up to 10,000 ringgit ($2,400), which isn’t that expensive compared to other cakes we’ve seen in the past.


“I’m glad that this wedding has made Malaysians realize that we can come up with creative cakes just like this one,” Lily Osman proudly said.

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