Man Decides He Can’t Get a Real Woman, Settles for Realistic-Looking Dolls

55-year-old Everard Cunion, from Dorset, UK couldn’t seem to be able to get a real woman, so at one point in his life he decided to get an artificial one. He had always been fond of shop mannequins, but since they’re as hard as rock, he decided to go for something that looked as good as that, but was more flexible. He now lives with nine realistic dolls

Everard bought Rebecca, his first artificial woman, in 2000. It wasn’t until 2004 that he decided to get his second doll, not because he had been trying to stay faithful to his first, but he simply couldn’t afford to buy another one until then. In fact, the man admits that when he first saw the price tags on these things he almost fell off his chair, but he goes on to say that this kind of dolls are the best things that you can buy, for any amount of money. Still, the £5,000 he paid for his first dolls was a little steep. But what’s important is he didn’t let a trivial thing as money come between him and his third doll, Louis, which he bought in 2005.

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Mr. Cunion is very passionate about his dolls. Even before he buys them he makes up his mind about their skin tone, makeup, hair, and buys them dozens of uniforms. He likes to role-play with his dolls, dressing them up in all kinds of uniforms and then taking pictures of them… It all sounds a little bizarre, but the man really likes his life the way it is. He admits his dolls may not be as good as the real thing, but says they are good enough for people who really can’t get real women. Before love dolls were available, people like him used to live without female company, and says a lot of people don’t understand that that makes life pretty much worthless. Plus replacing women with dolls eliminates the possibility of divorce.

I know having all these realistic dolls seems a bit weird, but let’s face it, Everard Cunion isn’t the only one with a thing for artificial women. Just last year we wrote a story about Bob Gibbins, a man who shares his home with 240 love dolls. But unlike Gibbins, who is happily married,  Cunion has had only one (unsuccessful) relationship with a real woman, in the mid 90s. But that hasn’t prevented him from experiencing the joys of marriage. In 2008, he tied the knot to his beloved Caroline, a plastic bride.


But alas, the match made in silicon heaven didn’t last very long. The Daily Star reports that Everard Cunion has gotten married again, this time with a blonde doll. He set up a ceremony and everything, and was spotted riding around with his bride in a white horse-pulled carriage, in his native Christchurch, Dorset. An eyewitness said that “he was grinning from ear to ear, but I didn’t see the bride smile once!”

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