Massachusetts Man Claims Someone Broke into His House, Cleaned It And Left Without Taking Anything

A Boston-area man was recently the victim, or rather the beneficiary, of a bizarre breaking and entering. When he and his son came home one day, earlier this month, they noticed something was off. There was nothing missing, but the whole house was clean and tidied up, which was not how they had left it that morning.

Nate Roman, who lives with his son in a single-family home in Marlborough, Massachusetts, came home on May 15, after picking up his child from school, to find that the back door of his house was unlocked. He had forgotten to lock it several times in the past, so he didn’t really think anything of it, but after entering the home, he immediately noticed that something was off. It smelled of bleach and cleaning products and a door he normally kept open was firmly shut. Things got even weirder when he want upstairs to check the bedrooms, which had both been cleaned and had everything arranged in a “really creepy way”.

Photo: Nate Roman/Facebook

“Rugs were vacuumed, everything was neat and put away,” Roman told reporters, adding that both bedrooms had been a total mess when they left that morning. A closer inspection revealed a white origami rose made out of toilet paper had been left in both bathrooms, which confirmed his suspicion that a stranger had been in his house that day.

Even though nothing appeared to be missing, the home owner called the police to report the incident. They cleared the house, to make sure the intruder had left, and checked with the neighbors, but no one had seen anything suspicious. Roman’s alarm system had been deactivated that day, so cameras that would have activated when the alarm went off didn’t catch anything. However, the time stamp on the door sensors revealed that someone had indeed entered the house and left after about 90 minutes.

Photo: Nate Roman/Facebook

“No crime happened, nothing was missing or damaged, so the police have very little to go on,” the confused home owner said.

While no one can say for sure what happened that day, Nate Roman suspects that a cleaning service employee may have confused his house for another. That doesn’t explain why whoever entered his home cleaned everything but the kitchen, which was left untouched.


Most people would probably be grateful for the help, but Roman says he is still creeped out by the incident. He still opens cabinets very carefully just in case something or someone was left behind, and he has changed all his locks, just to be sure.

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