New York Steampunk Apartment Can Be Yours for $1,750,000

One of the coolest homes in new York City, film-maker Jeremy Noritz’s steampunk-themed apartment is now for sale for the “modest” price of $1,750,000.

It sounds like a lot of money, I know, but keep in mind this is the Big Apple and we’re not talking about your average apartment. Featuring a beautiful steampunk interior complete with submarine-style front door and colorful zeppelins flying down from the ceiling, this truly is a geek’s dream home. Noritz, and American film-maker, bought the open-space loft in 2006, for $1,3 million, and even though it was in good condition, it was just too conservative and compartmentalized for his taste. Inspired by steampunk design and photos of zeppelins, he set out to turn his pad into a unique experience for visitors and himself.

The steampunk apartment has a weathered-looking door that appears to have been salvaged from an old submarine, a color-changing zeppelin that seems to be coming down from the ceiling, large wooden and metal gears weighing up to 500 pounds hanging around from the walls and ceiling, and even old wrenches that act as cabinet door handles. The bedroom, decorated to look like an exploded zeppelin, features a bed that can be lowered and lifted via switch made from a deactivated bomb. Nearly every item used to decorate the loft was collected by Norritz himself from metal foundries and antique shops.

The 1,800-square-meter space is configured as an open loft with one bedroom, a private terrace and two full baths, hidden by walls of antique gears, cogs and piping. Although he loves his house very much, Jeremy Noritz says his job has him traveling a lot, so it’s time for somebody else to enjoy it full time. That’s why he listed his home on CORE NYC, for $1,750,000, furnishings included. What can I say, this is one of the many times I wish I was a ┬ámillionaire…



via Extravaganzi and WSJ (which also has more cool photos)