Pixelated Hair Trend Makes Your Head Look Colorblocked

If you’re looking for a quirky futuristic hairstyle, you may want to give “Xpresionpixel” a try. This new trend basically involves dying the hair in block-like sections of varying colors to create a digital-inspired pixelated image.

Created by Spanish colorists, Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jorge Cancer, of Madrid’s  X-presion Creativos salon, pixelated hair has gotten a lot of attention on social media, both from true fashionistas and girl geeks looking for a new hairstyle to best suit their personality. Many in industry seem convinced the futuristic style is set to become the next big thing in hair styling, a prediction apparently shared by cosmetics powerhouse Revlon, who used pixelated hair in an ad for last year’s autumn campaign.


As cool as it looks on magazine and runway models, xpresionpixel may be just a bit too complicated for real life, some experts believe. First of all, it apparently only lasts a short while as re-applying the hairdye in the very same pattern can be very difficult difficult, plus you’d probably have to wear your hair the same way every day to get the desired effect. Some hair experts also claim it’s high-maintenance, as you regularly have to go in for touch-ups to keep the colors vibrant and the patterns visible.


But hey, if you’ve always wanted to make your head look like a computer screen or a Tetris game, xpresionpixel is probably the best way to do it.


Love it or hate it, pixelated hair is reportedly spreading to salons worldwide, so it’s probably just a matter of time before we pixel style graphics become the norm in hairdressing.




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