Sweet-Toothed Siblings Make Giant Versions of Their Favorite Treats

Have you ever wondered what a giant Toffifee candy would look like? Well, now you don’t have to, because sweet-loving Laura Parry and her brother David have already made one, as well as several other giant versions of popular English sweets.

23-year-old Laura and her brother David, 20, spend one day each week cooped up in the kitchen creating giant calorie bombs shaped like popular English snacks. The two university students came up with the idea on a day off from their summer jobs say neither of them are culinary geniuses, but they just thought they’d give it a go. And considering so far they’ve created impressive super-sized versions of treats like the Bourbon biscuit, Cadbury Fudge, Angel Slice and Jammy Dodger, I’d say their idea was brilliant. The Toffifee looks especially tasty to me, which had to cut with a saw to get a cross-section photo.

The two brothers do all the cooking in their parents’ kitchen, in Norwich, Norfolk and rarely spend more than¬†¬£12 ($18) on ingredients for each of their giant snacks. They try to keep them in proportion while making them as big as they possibly can, being limited only by the size of the fridge. Although they could preserve and showcase their tasty creations at a food art exhibition, David and Laura Parry say they have no intention of showing off their work, as that would be a waste. They just cook them and then eat them. The two young cooks also get requests to make their gargantuan sweets for parties and various events, but they just prefer to eat them with their family and friends.

David and Laura are determined to keep making their sugary giants, so if you want to follow their progress, be sure to check out their Facebook page and give them a “Like” while you’re at it. Oh, and if you’re a fan of super-sized sweets, you’re going to love the world’s largest Kit Kat bar.











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