Trucker Barbie – Woman Gives Her Massive Truck a Pink Makeover

Georgeta, a 35-year-old truck driver from Romania, has been dubbed the Romanian Barbie for surrounding herself with the color pink,  which dominates both the outside and inside of her truck.

Female truck drivers are definitely not the norm, but Georgeta really stands out with her pink outfits, pink truck, and very colorful personality. The so-called ‘Romanian Barbie’ went viral in her home country this week after photos of her and her pinked-out trucks started circulating on social media. The young woman has been driving a truck for 12 years, working mostly in Spain, but she recently came home, bought her own truck, and began working for herself. She spends most of her time in the truck, which is why she spent a lot of time and effort turning it into a cozy space that reflects her passion for the color pink.

Photo: @georgeta.pisy.norocel/TikTok

Originally from Craciunelu, in Romania’s Alba county, Georgeta spends her days driving around the country. It can get lonely behind the wheel for hours on end, so she took in two pet cats – Norocel and Pisy – to help her pass the time. They’ve become the stars of her TikTok channel, where the trucker posts clips on a daily basis. Norocel jumped in front of her truck one day, but she was able to stop in time, and seeing him hungry and scared, she decided to take him in.

Although she is doing what is generally viewed as a man’s job, Georgeta never forgets about her feminine side. She is proud of her femininity but admits things were different when she started out.

Photo: @georgeta.pisy.norocel/TikTok

“When I first started driving a truck, I cut my hair short, started buying men’s clothes, and when I first showed up for work, a guy called out to me ‘Let’s go, buddy!’ That’s when I changed my style. A woman needs to remember she’s a woman regardless of her profession, she needs to be presentable at all times,” Georgeta said.

Georgeta studied management in college, worked in various stores to support herself through school, and even tried her hand at hair styling and makeup, but she really only found her passion when she signed up for truck driving school. She has been driving trucks for over a decade, and although she tried finding other lines of work a couple of times while in Spain, she always found herself coming back to it.

@georgeta.pisy.norocel😻😻💜👩‍🎤🚛eu+pisy+norocel😻😻💜👩‍🎤🚛buna dimineata♬ sunet original – Georgeta,Pisy&Norocel

“Every time a truck drove by, my heart beat a little faster,” Georgeta recalled. “I realized I couldn’t quit, it’s like a drug.”

The Romanian Barbie always dreamed of personalizing her truck, especially the inside, to her heart’s desire, but she knew no company would allow her to turn the cabin completely pink. After buying her own truck, she was able to realize her dream of surrounding herself with her favorite color. Now her truck really looks like a vehicle worthy of the world’s most famous doll.

@georgeta.pisy.norocel😻😻💜👩‍🎤🚛eu+pisy+norocel😻😻👩‍🎤💜🚛buna dimineata♬ sunet original – Georgeta,Pisy&Norocel

Georgeta isn’t the only female truck driver to find fame through social media. Rino Sasaki, Japan’s most beautiful truck driver, also got a lot of attention online a few years ago.

Photo: @georgeta.pisy.norocel/TikTok