University Teacher Goes Viral For His Insanely Detailed Blackboard Drawings

Zhong Quanbin, a young teacher at Taiwan’s Shude University of Science and Technology, has been getting a lot of attention online thanks to his incredibly detailed anatomical blackboard drawings.

Using only a ruler and simple pieces of chalk, Zhong Quanbin can produce some truly astonishing anatomical blackboard drawings. From detailed depictions of the entire human bone structure to individual organs like the human eye seen from various angles, it’s clear to see that the young teacher has a very solid understanding of human anatomy, as well as an innate talent for drawing. It’s this unique combination that has won Zhong legions of fans in several Asian countries.

Photo: Zhong Quanbin/Facebook

Interestingly, even though most of his detailed artworks focus on the human body, Zhong Quanbin doesn’t teach human anatomy. He teaches Anatomy illustrations and Drawing Skills at the Department of Visual Communication Design, at Shute University, and he is so good at his job that he has been commissioned by several medical schools, both in Taiwan and in China or Japan to teach their students how to draw the human body.

“Yes, we have a textbook. But we don’t read it, we draw it,” Zhong said about his class at Shute University. “Students, majoring in this area, cannot learn by just reading the pictures on books. Instead, we learn while drawing something. In my classes, students have to draw what I am demonstrating on the chalkboard.”

Originally, Zhong Quanbin had no interest in medicine, but because of the impressive hand-drawn skeletal drawings he was sharing on social media, he was hired as a teacher at Xiamen Medical College to teach medical students to draw the human body, as well as how to deconstruct the positions of bones, muscles, and internal organs. Thus he started studying human anatomy and got even better at drawing it.

Zhong’s talent for blackboard drawing is most appreciated in Japan, a country that has an entire culture around blackboard art.

“Even if you may not be able to learn it, can you not help but want to attend such an amazing art drawing teaching course?” one Japanese fan of Zhong Quanbin wondered.

“Is this a class in the Department of Medicine? That’s amazing!” someone else commented.

Zhong Quanbin regularly posts photos and videos of his blackboard masterpieces on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so be sure to give him a follow if you like his work.

On his social media, Zhong posts even more detailed anatomical drawings done on paper, but those are too technical for the average person, so it’s still his chalk art that attracts the most attention online.