Unofficial Animal Registrar Performs Expensive Pet Weddings

Ann Clark calls herself an “animal registrar“, which is just a fancy way of saying she performs weddings for pampered pets. You might think that’s a silly job, but she’s making up to £20,000 ($31,600) per event.

Why should pets miss out on the unforgettable moments of getting married? That’s probably what Ann told herself, when she decided to become a pet wedding registrar, four years ago. She had heard of a man performing animal weddings in Liverpool, and thought it was a great idea. Like most children, she used to pretend her pets were getting married, only unlike most, she never grew out of it. She started advertising her wedding services on a website, and suddenly people were contacting her about pet weddings. It was a dream come true for the 55-year-old from Desborough, England.

Photo: Izismile

Clark says the base price for pet weddings is £150 ($240), which includes the wedding venue on her front lawn, as well as  help on writing the wedding vows, but most people spend a lot more than that (from a few hundred pounds to several thousand). One lady splashed a whopping $32,000 on her beloved pet’s wedding, which included a harpist and a six-foot chocolate fountain, among other extravagant details. So far, the unofficial pet registrar has performed dozens of wedding ceremonies, and says her trade is in very high demand.

Photo: Izismile

The usual pet wedding starts off with a champagne breakfast at Ann’s house for human guests, and milk and water for pets. Then, as the wedding ceremony begins, the bride is walked or carried to a pagoda in the middle of her garden, where the groom is waiting. After they’ve been pronounced husband and bride, the now married pets pose for the photo album and celebrate by stuffing their face with treats. “It’s a lovely day out for everyone, just like a human wedding”, Ann says.

The animal registrar admits there are many who think her profession is crazy, but she doesn’t believe it does anyone any harm. That’s true, but it does cost an awful lot for something that’s not even official. I mean, how is the couple supposed to share their belongings in case of a divorce? Are they supposed to contact a pet divorce lawyer? Hmm, there’s a potentially lucrative niche to consider…

via The Sun