UnSpoil Me – A Unique Service That Helps You Forget Movie Spoilers

Ever watch a whole season of your favorite TV show just to have a friend casually tell you how it ends just before the final episode? Or did you ever like a movie so much that you wish you could see it again without knowing anything about it, just to experience the same feelings? Well, thanks to a new and intriguing service, now you can!

UnSpoil Me is a service developed by Samsung Electronics Nordic in partnership with famous Swedish hypnotist and mental coach Fredrik Praesto, which allegedly allows users to hypnotize themselves into forgetting significant plot points and twists. Each self-guided session lasts 18 minutes and viewers are able to guide themselves through the process by following a series of on-screen prompts and listening to Praesto’s commands.

Photo: Samsung

The session begins with the soothing and melodic Swedish voice of Frederik Praesto encouraging the user to think of the show or film that they’d like to forget while a rainbow-hued spiral spins toward the middle of the screen. Ambient music begins to play as he recommends you look at the center of the screen and focus on your feelings. The image starts to shift as he continues encouraging the user to relax and count backward from 300. The somewhat creepy session ends with the message “hypnosis complete” and the suggestion to “take a couple of deep breaths and focus on how your body and mind feels” Users are also asked to share their experience online with the hashtag #unspoilme, which, on Twitter at least, currently only has nine posts.

“Under self-hypnosis, we can take control of unconscious processes. This can be very effective in creating mental changes in a person which the conscious logical mind can not achieve,” Praesto said. “Throughout history, hypnosis has been used to forget things, often for therapeutic purposes. With UnSpoil Me, we can use this to create new experiences instead.”

Photo: Samsung

The UnSpoil Me web page claims that it can “give you the possibility to re-experience your favorite TV series with the same thrilling feeling you had the first time you watched it.” If that sounds like an experience you might enjoy, or if you simply have 20 minutes of time to kill, feel free to unspoil yourself.

While definitely intriguing, UnSpoil Me has attracted some criticism from those who believe that using something as powerful as hypnosis to erase a spoiler or a whole film from memory seems a little frivolous. Some also question the effectiveness of self-hypnosis, even when done under the guidance of a professional like Frederik Praesto.

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