Woman Gets Arrested for Constantly Nagging Husband to Do House Chores

Valerie Sanders, a 58-year-old woman from the UK, spent 17 hours in jail after being charged with “controlling behavior” after allegedly nagging her husband to clean the house instead of his car.

Valerie’s troubles with the law began in April of 2018, when during a routine check at her husband Michael’s workplace Jobcentre UK staff noticed he was in a bad mood. After asking him about it, they learned it was because his wife was constantly asking him to clean and polish the family home and complaining that he spent too much time at the gym and cleaning his car. Apparently, this qualified as “coercive or controlling behavior”, an offense punishable by law, so police turned up at the Sanders residence in Catterick, arrested Valerie and threw her in jail for 17 hours. She was charged with controlling behavior and was forced to fight a legal battle for over a year.

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“I was taken to the station and locked in a cell. I’ve never been in trouble. I was horrified. I felt like a criminal,” Valerie said about the shocking moment she was arrested. “I’d leave a note asking him to vacuum parts of the house and clean the patio doors. We have two miniature dachshunds. But he would spend four hours cleaning his car – so of course I complained. Surely it isn’t controlling behavior otherwise every married couple would be in court?”

Michael told English newspaper The Sun that it wasn’t his decision to prosecute Valerie, but insisted that she was controlling, constantly leaving the vacuum or the polish out and instructing him to clean the house because of their two dogs. She had also stated to complain about his obsession with bodybuilding and spending too much time cleaning his car, which he claims really affected his general mood.

“There was no love any more. She used to kiss and cuddle her two dogs, but never kissed and cuddled me,” Michael added.

Valerie said that ever since her 58-year-old husband landed a job as a gym manager, he dedicated too much time and attention to his workout and diet, which impacted their marriage negatively. He would chug meals from a blender, so they stopped going out together, and he spent most of his time at the gym and cleaning his car, so there were times when she didn’t even see him.

The couple had met online in 2012 and married two years later, but they are now getting a divorce, as Valerie Sanders says that the 17 hours she spent in jail broke her love for him. At least the case against her was dropped after a key witness decided to no longer support the prosecution, so she can go back to living a normal life. She did receive a two-year restraining order, but she doesn’t plan on going anywhere near Michael again anyway.

Michael Sanders, who is currently out of work, continues to pursue his passion for bodybuilding and plans to continue on the over-55s bodybuilding circuit.

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