You Can Now Buy Your Very Own Mecha Suit For Just $93,000

If you’ve always dreamed about climbing into a nine-foot-tall mecha suit and actually showing off your sci-fi fantasies to the whole world, now’s your big chance. A Japanese company is actually selling custom mecha suits for only 10 million yen ($93,000).

Skeletonics have been around since 2011, when a group of students at the Okinawa National College of Technology showed off their very first fully-mechanical exoskeleton. It didn’t do much except turn the wearer into a metal giant with increased reach, but it definitely looked cool, so the project made international headlines at the time. But while the team came up with several improved Skeletonics over the years, they were merely showed off online and at special events, so only a few fans ever got to give them a try themselves. However, everything changed last month, when Skeltonics finally announced that it would finally begin producing commercial versions of its popular exoskeleton.

Made almost entirely of light metals like aluminium, Skeletonics measure nine-foot tall and weigh around 88 pounds. Unlike most other exoskeletons unveiled so far, they are completely analog, meaning they don’t rely on motors or hydraulics to make the wearer faster or stronger. Like the original version unveiled seven years ago, it’s merely designed to make you look cool and increase your reach.

“We didn’t think about creating anything useful. That’s probably why we were able to develop a unique thing,” Reyes Tatsuru Shiroku, one of the brilliant minds behind Skeletonics, told The Japan Times. “I’m frequently told that it looks fantastic, but then have to explain that it doesn’t really do anything, which ends up confusing a lot of people.”


So instead of helping you effortlessly perform difficult physically-strenuous tasks, operating a Skeletonics suit actually leaves the user feeling exhausted even faster. Walking in the 88-pound-heavy suit and moving those long metal arms using only the strength of your own body apparently takes a toll on stamina.


But if all you care about is looking good in your personal mecha suit, and happen to have 10 million yen ($93,000) available, this is the closest you can get to living out your sci-fi fantasies right now. The newest version of the Skeltonics suit has become available on April 7th, so you should be able to order yours now.

via Kai-You

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