Jewelry Made with Human Teeth and Hair

Teeth and Silver go together like horse and carriage. At least according silversmith Polly van der Glas, who created a strange collection of teeth encrusted silver jewelry.

Polly van der Glas, who won the Craft Victoria Fillipo Raphael Fresh! Award, in 2006, handcrafts a unique type of silver jewels, using collected human teeth and hair. The teeth are collected from all around Melbourne and sterilised, while the hair is sometimes imported from China and India.

Apparently the teeth are pretty hard to come by in Australia, so maybe miss van der Glas should get in touch with an Indian street dentist. I’m sure they could work out some sort of agreement.

via Ecouterre

teeth-and-hair jewelry

teeth-and-hair jewelry2

teeth-and-hair jewelry3

teeth-and-hair jewelry4

teeth-and-hair jewelry5

teeth-and-hair jewelry6

teeth-and-hair jewelry7

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