Mind-Blowing Charcoal Mural Is a Finger-Painting Masterpiece

Fingers are definitely not the weirdest thing we’ve seen artists paint with (just check out this tongue painter and the girl who paints with gravity) but I had no idea someone could use their fingertips to create such detailed work.

We first featured Judith Braun’s finger paintings a few months ago, but while her artworks were beautiful then, she hadn’t created anything as impressive as this latest charcoal mural. I mean, looking at the photos below, can you believe she painted exclusively with her fingertips? The 12-foot by 48-foot masterpiece was created using Braun’s signature technique, which basically involves her covering her fingertips with ground charcoal and guiding them across the canvas. Entitled Diamond Dust, this magnificent piece is Judith Braun’s largest site-specific project to date.

I completely agree with Pinar, from My Modern Metropolis, who thinks Judith’s landscape mural would be very impressive even if it were painted with more traditional tools, but the fact that she managed to create such¬†symmetrical beauty using only her fingertips makes her worthy of our highest respect. And believe it or not, it only took her a few days to complete her work. If you want to see¬†Diamond Dust in person, you can do so at the Chrysler Museum of Art, in Norfolk, Virginia, where it will remain on display until July 1, 2012.