Students Claim Haunted Toilet is Causing Them to Faint and Scream

Kids love exchanging horror stories at school, even if it means weeks of sleepless nights. But what if a real ghost decides to make a guest appearance? It could cause kids to lose not just sleep but even their sanity. In Vietnam, it’s causing them to faint on a regular basis.

The students of Son Hoa Ethnic Boarding High School in the Son Hoa District claim to have had supernatural visitors in the bathroom at night, causing many of them lose consciousness. It all started with K Pa Ho Luon, a student of the school. He returned to his dorm one night  in November, from the toilet area, in a state of hysteria. He was talking gibberish, fell to the floor and began to scratch the walls and the floor. All this, just before he passed out. Luon was then rushed to the hospital by school authorities. When he recovered, he claimed to have met a ghost in the toilet.

Photo by Nguoi Lao Dong

After this incident, twelve other students were reported to have displayed similar symptoms. This has caused alarm and fear among the students and they’ve moved out of the dorms to rooms and apartments outside the school. It’s no surprise that school authorities reject the theory that ghosts are behind the bizarre occurring. However, they have no alternative explanation as of now. The management of the school has assured parents that they have nothing to fear and investigations into the matter are underway. Doctors at the hospital where the students were treated say that low levels of calcium in the blood could be one of the causes. For now, there’s no way of knowing what the truth is.

via Tuoy Tre News

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