The Creepy Taxidermy Creatures of Andrew Lancaster

Andrew Lancaster is a New Zealand taxidermist who has taken the art of stuffing animals to new heights by creating impossible hybrids like three-headed chickens of winged possums.

Lancaster has been creating his creepy creatures for about two years, but he began practicing taxidermy after he moved to New Zealand, from England, 14 years ago. After seeing heaps of dead animals on the side of the road , he thought to himself “what a waste”, and decided they were good material for his art. Now whenever he drives past roadkill, he backs up and puts in his his trunk. At home, he either puts them in the freezer, “right under the ice cream and vegetables” or on top of the hot water cylinder, to dry.

The taxidermy expert who works as a marina caretaker during the day has created an entire menagerie of weird creatures, which he sells online, on Trade Me )where he has small cult following), and has only kept one – a simple pheasant he picked up on the road one day. He says it’s only because his wife doesn’t like a lot of stuff around the house, but it’s probably because he’s too scared of his own weird creations.





Photos by Andrew Lancaster


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