Meet Aitana, the AI-Created Instagram Fitness Model Making Thousands of Dollars a Month

Aitana Lopez, aka Fit Aitana, has only been on Instagram for four months, but she already has over 110,000 followers and generates over $4,000 in monthly revenue. Not bad for someone who doesn’t exist.

Virtual models have been around for a few years now, and the advent of artificial intelligence has only made them more realistic and more popular. One standout representative of this new wave of AI-created digital influencers is Aitana, a cute, pink-haired female model from Barcelona who has managed to attract over 100k followers in just a few months. She only posts photos of her, since video is likely to make her digital form a bit too obvious, but every one of her photos garners tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Her popularity has translated into a steady monthly income for her creators, who claim that she generates over 4,000 euros a month.

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Meet Liam Nikuro, Japan’s First Virtual Male Influencer

1sec Inc., a Japanese technology company that specializes in blending the digital world with our reality, has created Japan’s first virtual male influencer, a young music producer named Liam Nikuro.

If you thought making it as an Instagram influencer these days was hard, we have some bad new for you: it’s about to get even harder, with perfect-looking virtual models entering the fray. Following the success of digital social media stars like Miquela and Imma, a Japanese tech start-up set out to create the Asian country’s first virtual male model. The result of their hard work is Liam Nikuro, a young heart-throb “from Los Angeles” who reportedly works in some of the coolest and most profitable industries of our time – music, fashion, and entertainment.

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Meet Imma, the Gorgeous Japanese Model Who Doesn’t Exist

With her expressive eyes, flawless skin, luscious lips and perfect hair, it’s easy to see why people can’t stop gushing over Japanese model Imma. But one thing most people don’t realize is that she’s not a real person.

Imma, whose name is inspired by the Japanese word ima 今 (meaning “now”), is the product of some truly insane CG modeling, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming an Instagram sensation. At the time of this writing, Imma had over 15,000 followers on the popular social network, more than double what she had just three days ago, when photos of her went viral on Japanese social media. Her bio description makes it very clear that Imma is a virtual model, but even so, she looks so real it’s hard to believe she’s not an actual person.

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