Bad with Plants? This High-Tech Flower Pot Can Keep Any Plant Alive

If you’ve always wanted to grow plants but aren’t blessed with a green thumb, the ‘Parrot Pot’ is just the thing for you. It’s a smart pot that pretty much grows plants itself, keeping them alive no matter how badly you mess up.

Priced at $99, the Parrot Pot has sensors that measure light, moisture, temperature, and the level of fertilizer, ensuring that the plant always gets what it needs. If it finds that more light, water, or fertilizer is required, it sends the user alerts through a smartphone app called Flower Power. What’s more, it can actually water your plants for you using a pre-filled water tanks. 


The battery-powered pot is equipped to handle extreme water shortages – so whether you’re traveling, or you simply forget to water your plants, they’ll still survive. It can hold over two liters of water at any given time, which is a week’s requirement for most plants. It can also switch to water-saving mode, in which the plants are kept alive for three to four weeks without watering.

“It’s equipped with a PH sensor, a temperature sensor, a light sensor and a moisture sensor,” said Parrot Pot designer Vincent Bihler. “All of this combined allows the pot to know exactly how to care for the plant. If it needs water, the pot will water the plant by itself. It runs on four AA batteries and it runs for almost one year.” The pot is an improvement over Flower Power, a device that can be connected to any pot to get similar updates on a corresponding app. 


Parrot, a Paris-based company, is expected to release the Parrot Pot globally in April, along with the Flower Power app. It will come loaded with a catalogue of 7,000 supported plants – herbs, flowers, and teas – to choose from. The pot can supposedly grow cannabis as well. Interested?

Photos: Parrot

via Daily Mail

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