World’s First Twitter Hotel Caters to Social Media Addicts

If you’re one of those people who can’t stop tweeting even when they are on vacation, you might find the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel, in Magaluf, Spain, to be the perfect summer destination.

Ever-growing customer demands, the need for diversity and the increasing number of social media addicts all over the world have inspired Meliá Hotels International, the leading hotel chain in Spain, to create the world’s first ever Twitter hotel. Located in Magaluf, Mallorca, the @SolWaveHouse Hotel allows guests to interact with its staff and other tourists via text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. The hotel’s General Manager, Gonzalo Echevarría, says “the hotel takes a new step in meeting the expectations of an increasingly experiential and social customer profile, through new technologies.” At the heart of this social-media-themed hotel is #SocialWave, a virtual community accessible only from its wifi via smartphone, tablet or computer. Once they’ve registered with their Twitter accounts, guests can use #SocialWave to connect with other tourists, chat, share photos and even flirt by sending virtual kisses. There’s a special hashtag for pretty much everything, and two Twitter Concierges are always standing by t meet guest requests via Twitter and generate conversation in this virtual community.


Photo: Melia Hotels

Every available space at the @SolWaveHouse Hotel encourages guests to log in and share their experience. Minibars feature a “Thirsty? Tweet Us #FillMyFridge” sticker, bathroom mirrors give social media junkies the chance to win an extra one-week stay by taking a photo of themselves and tagging it “#suitcontest” and big mustache stickers invite tourists to share funny selfies on sites like Instagram.


Photo: Melia Hotels

“Our main client profile, young and social, is always looking for new experiences and emotions shared with a growing virtual community,” one of the Twitter concierges at @SolWaveHouse explains. With # SocialWave we wanted to meet this aspiration, which binds to the quality and striking design of our product and the outstanding beauty of the environment. ”


 Photo: Twitter


Photo: Instagram


 Sources: CBC, Melia Hotels

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