Real Life Terran Marine Spotted in Russia

The launch of Starcraft 2 was a monumental international event, but Blizzard went out of its way to surprise Russian fans of the popular RTS franchise, by featuring a life-size replica of the Terran Marine costume.

A day before the official launch, photos of what seemed to be a Terran Marine in the middle of Moscow’s Red Square appeared on the Internet. Most claimed it was just a Photoshop job, and a bad one at that, but when the real-life Starcraft Terran Marine made an appearance at the launch site, everyone put their doubts aside and began cheering like crazy.

The realistic Terran Marine costume you’re about to see is apparently one of only six in the world, weighs between 60 – 70 kilograms and costs a whopping 17,000 euros. You could get a nice car for that much money, but no car could ever be this cool.

The guy wearing it doesn’t exactly have the physique of a Starcraft Terran Marine, but once in the suit, no one could tell. The weird thing is, at one point someone says the wearer has to be precisely 195 cm tall, but this dude seems a lot shorter. Anyway, enjoy the video:

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