The Orchestra of Recycled Instruments

This group not only plays music, but builds the instruments from scrap. That’s right, they make their ‘recycled’ instruments out of things like kitchen spatulas and cookie cutters. Their music, nonetheless, is wonderful to listen to.

The Orchestra of Recycled Instruments is from Paraguay, a majority of them so poor that they had to resort to creating their own instruments. However, their love for music was never hindered by their economic condition. The members of the orchestra are students at the “Sonidos De La Tierra,” which is an organization dedicated to running music workshops and schools in the lesser privileged areas of Paraguay. This is where these talented musicians learned the skill of recycled-instrument-music making. Some of them were so passionate about the art that they even quit their jobs as recyclers at a major dump site, in order to pursue their music full time.

Photo via Ecos del Paraguay

So far, 12,000 people have been trained in the unique art by the organization, and they’ve made about 700 instruments. Their music hasn’t gone unnoticed. 80 concerts have been conducted by them so far. In 2008, performances were put up for former US President Jimmy Carter, and Nobel Peace Prize winner (and former Costa Rica President) Oscar Arias. Looks like true musicians can create a tune out of literally anything, even garbage!


via Hispanically Speaking News