Award-Winning Artist Creates Ultra-Realistic Sugar Flowers

Michelle Nguyen is a talented sugar flower artist whose creations are so insanely realistic that you can hardly tell them apart from the real thing.

Melbourne-based Michelle Nguyen is one of the world’s leading sugar flower artists, and looking at her portfolio, it’s easy to see why. From the life-like sugar petals, to the stunningly-detailed leaves, and the perfect color, there’s nothing separating her edible flowers from the actual plants that inspired them. Nguyen’s artworks are so impressive that she is constantly traveling the world attending events and teaching her craft to students wanting to master the art of making sugar flowers.

Photo: Michelle Nguyen/Facebook

Nguyen has received awards for Best Australian Sugar Florist from ACDN, and the ACADA 2019 Australasian Sugar Floral Artist of the Year, and is widely acknowledged as one of the most talented sugar-molding artists on the planet.

From exquisite Lisianthas to delicate Peony Rose buds at various stages of their growth, there’s virtually no flower that this talented food artist can’t recreate out of sugar paste.

When she’s not busy traveling the world, competing against other cake decorators or doing commission work for clients, Michelle Nguyen holds classes where she teaches the basics of her art, from creating the sugar paste, to shaping the petals and leaves and getting the color just perfect.

Interestingly, Michelle Nguyen isn’t the first insanely talented sugar flower artist we’ve ever featured on Oddity Central. Last year, we wrote about Luciana Gonzalez and her amazing sugar flowers.

For more impressive sugar flower art, be sure to keep an eye on Michelle’s Instagram and Facebook page, where she regularly posts her newest edible masterpieces.