Chinese Artist Hides Optical Illusions in Plain Sight

A 33-year-old artist from Chenzou, China, has been getting a lot of attention for turning trees, utility poles, and road signs into optical illusions that blend into their backgrounds.

Huang Yao is a talented 3D painter who showcases his skills by turning local infrastructure and plant life into original artworks. The young Chinese specializes in creating perfect camouflage for his creations, which makes them blend into the background perfectly. But that would mean that most people either walk right by them without even noticing his stunning work, or run straight into them and injure themselves. Neither case is ideal, so Huang usually adds certain elements to make his optical illusions stand out.

Telephone poles that seem suspended in mid-air, thick trees that seem to balance on sharp pencil points, and even giant bugs holding up trees, these are all elements of Huang Yao’s incredible artworks.

Huang told Modern Express that his artist was more just about being able to recreate the background of his unusual canvases. He has to take into consideration multiple environmental elements to obtain the desired results. Things like cloud movement, lighting, and wind can play a huge role in the visual effect of his illusions, so he needs to get his timing perfectly.

The young artist has been painting for as long as he can remember, but it was only at the beginning of 2020, during the original Covid-19 lockdowns, that he started focusing on a change of artistic direction. Staring at the endless fields and the forest around his home city, Huang Yao decided to try his hand at levitation-themed optical illusions. His first attempts came out good enough to warrant more practice, so he stuck with the technique.

According to Chinese media, Huang Yao has so far uploaded over 30 impressive optical illusions on social media, many of which have gone viral, earning him the admiration and praise of millions of people.

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