Pencil Master Creates Mindblowingly Realistic Sneaker Drawings

Steph Morris is an insanely talented UK artist who specializes in hyper-realistic drawings of sneakers. Her work is so detailed that even closeups of the drawings are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

When it comes to sneaker drawings, Manchester-born Steph Morris is renowned for her unrivaled realism. She has always had a thing for sneakers, so pairing up this passion with her artistic talent just made sense. She didn’t originally plan to make a living out of drawing sneakers; At first, she was more interested in wearing them, as she pursued a career in sports, but a number of injuries forced her to reevaluate her options and come up with a plan B. She took up the pencil, started drawing the things she loved most, and never looked back.

Photo: Steph Morris

“I’ve always loved sneakers from being a kid so exploring that in my work is very natural,” Morris told Seven Store. “It was actually a Nike Cortez that I drew to hang on my wall that got me here in the first place. It’s one of my favorite sneakers, and I collected many pairs growing up.”


While working as a graphic designer, Steph Morris got a phone call from Reebok and was invited to a Future x Reebok event in New York, and since she couldn’t get any time off from work, she decided to just quit her job and take up drawing full time.


“It always has to be a sneaker that I like and that can come down to the design, texture or the history of the shoe,” the artist said about the way she chooses her inspiration. “For me personally, texture is my favourite thing to draw so most of my pieces incorporate that.”


Over the last 16 years, we’ve featured some stunning hyper-realistic art on Oddity Central, from photo-like portraits to intricate murals, and mindblowing optical illusions, but never quite like the Step Morris’ sneakers.

Photo: Steph Morris