Man Eats McDonald’s Menu 14 Months After Burying It in the Ground

Matt Nadin, a father of three from Barnsley, in the UK, wanted his 40th birthday to be special, so he celebrated it by eating a McDonald’s Big Mac menu that he had buried in his friend’s backyard a year before.

Just before his 39th birthday, Nadin came up with the “McDonald’s 365” challenge, which basically involved buying a Big Mac menu – burger, fries and a milkshake – put it in a plastic container and bury it for a year in his friend Andy Thompson’s garden. He had intended to dig it out on his 40th birthday, in November of last year, as a special way of celebrating, but only found time to retrieve the container earlier this month. The food didn’t look great, and tasted even worse, but Matt stuck to his guns and got everything down despite a lot of burping and gagging.

Photo: Shutterbug75/Pixabay

For some people, fresh McDonald’s is gross enough, but a Big Mac menu buried underground for 14 months is much, much worse. As you can see in the video that Matt posted on his and Andy’s YouTube channel, the burger looked saggy, some of the super dry fries had turned green from mould, and the milkshake, well, it was lumpy and had a strange fizziness to it.

“The chips were horrendous, there was just no moisture in them at all,” Matt Nadin said. “The burger actually wasn’t too bad. It was soggy underneath and the lettuce tasted gone off but the meat was just hard. The milkshake had gone kind of fizzy and tasted weirdly like a fruit smoothie.”

It took about 20 minutes for Matt to get all that out-of-date fast food down, but despite lost of burping and gagging, he got the job done. He admitted finding the taste disgusting at one point, but somehow his strong stomach managed to handle it, so he didn’t end up puking.


“I have eaten some pretty weird things in my time and I remember seeing something where someone had preserved a McDonalds meal for years so I decided to take it a step further and eat it,” the 40-year-old said. “I have never been sick though. For some reason my stomach just seems to handle it.”

We’ve seen people preserve McDonald’s fast food before, just to see if it decomposes like most regular foods, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone actually eat it so long past its due date.

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