10-Year-Old Gymnast Stuns Internet With Her Sculpted Six-Pack Abs

Lyza Brooks Mosier, a 10-year-old girl from Georgia, has been getting a lot of attention for toned physique, especially her chiseled six-pack abs.

Having started gymnastic training when she was just 4-years-old, Lyza Brooks Mosier has always been in great physical shape, but she managed to tone up her physique to an impressive level over the past year, after falling in love with strength workouts last summer. She has been waking up at 5:30 to train ever since, and works out for about 30 hours a week, five days a week.

Photo: Lyza Brooks Mosier/Instagram

“Lyza is completely self-motivated as she wants to become the best of the best,” the girl’s mother, Jill, told Caters News. “She stays on top of her game by getting up at 5:30am to train – we have set up all sorts of gymnastics stations in our storage room where she would go for hours to workout.”

Jill says that Lyza has always been an active child, but she fell in love with workouts after attending her fitness classes last summer. She has been working out ever since and has made amazing progress. Even though their parents sometimes get criticized for pushing the 10-year-old too hard and robbing her of her childhood, Jill insists that they have nothing to do with Lyza’s intense training.

“She loves hearing that she inspires others however we also get the occasional mean person as well who say we shouldn’t make her train so much, but I assure you, we have nothing to do with this – I have four kids and Lyza begs to workout,” Jill Mosier said.

Despite the occasional negative comment, most of Lyza Brooks Mosier’s 50,000 Instagram followers are inspired by her dedication and declare themselves impressed by her amazing physique.

“You look amazing girl, so fit and healthy,” one person commented on a post.

“You’re so strong Lyza! I want your abs,” wrote another.

Lyza is one of several children who have been drawing attention and occasionally sparking controversy on social media because of their muscular physiques at such young ages. Just last week we wrote about Arat Hosseini, a 6-year-old Iranian boy with an incredible physique.