Bride Ends Up Marrying Father-in-Law After Groom Flees From Wedding

After an Indonesian groom disappeared on his wedding day, his father assumed responsibility and married the bride just so the expensive event would not be canceled.

What was supposed to be the happiest day in one Indonesian woman’s life quickly turned into a humiliating nightmare after her husband-to-be disappeared right on their wedding day. The young woman, identified only as SA by Indonesian media outlets, hails from the village of Jikotamo, South Halmahera, and was said to be in a long-term relationship with the groom. However, on August 29, on the day of their wedding, the man ran away, leaving her to explain to the guests that the wedding was off. This was apparently considered inconceivable by both families, as the wedding preparations had cost a small fortune, and the dowry had already been settled, so the groom’s father stepped in and married SA.

Photo: Jeremy Wong Weddings/Unsplash

In a video that has been doing the rounds on Indonesian social media, the groom’s and the bride’s fathers can be seen taking part in the bizarre wedding ceremony, only one of them is actually playing the groom.

“The guests had already arrived to attend the wedding. The man’s family then informed us that their son was missing and couldn’t be found,” the bride’s brother, Wisto Ahmad, told reporters, confirming that the eloped groom’s father had married SA.


Although the bride’s family was apparently deeply humiliated by the groom’s disappearance, the spending of approximately 25 million rupiah ($1,700) on wedding preparations was apparently their main concern. Losing that money by canceling the event was out of the question, so the groom’s father stepped in.

Reactions to this unusual wedding on Indonesian social media have been mixed, with many making fun of the situation and others bemoaning the young bride’s fate.


“My father’s wife is my ex-girlfriend,” one person commented, imagining the groom’s description of his new stepmother.

“25 million in losses? Your daughter will be “trapped” in a marriage she doesn’t want for the rest of her life,” a person criticized the bride’s family.

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