Indian Man Puts on Lipstick and Makeup to Impersonate Girlfriend During Exam

An Indian man has been caught trying to take an exam at a Punjab university on behalf of his girlfriend by wearing lipstick, makeup, and female clothes.

Officials at Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Punjab’s Faridkot district recently caught a young Indian man using a disguise and fake documents in order to take the exam of multi-purpose health workers on behalf of a woman believed to be his girlfriend. The youth, identified as Angrez Singh from Fazilka, showed up at the examination center in Kotkapura on January 7  dressed in full female attire, complete with red bangles, bindi, and lipstick, and carrying documents in the name of the woman he was trying to impersonate, one Paramjit Kaur. While his disguise may have fooled the staff, they couldn’t trick the biometric scanners when his data didn’t fit the one in the database.

“The candidate managed to enter the examination hall. However, the officials got suspicious as the picture of Paramjeet Kaur on the application form was not matching with the face of the candidate in question,” a police officer told The Indian Express. “Later biometrics were done and they didn’t match with the ones kept in the records. It was found that a boy named Angrez Singh had impersonated Kaur. He had even got a fake Aadhaar card, voter card and ID card made in the name of Paramjeet Kaur.”

Initially, university staff sent Angrez home, but a complaint was later filed against him, and he is currently under investigation for multiple offenses. Paramjeet Kaur is also being accused of conspiring with Singh, as without her consent he would not have been able to attempt the exam in her place.

It turns out that 34-year-old Paramjeet Kaur had attempted the same exam before and failed, so 26-year-old Angrez offered to take her place and hopefully pass this time around. The young man initially told police that Kaur and he were related, but that proved to be a lie.

Photos of Angrez in his feminine disguise made the rounds on social media, and his romantic gesture became a laughingstock.


Interestingly, this story is far from unique. In 2015, we wrote about a man in Kazakhstan who put on a disguise to take an exam in his girlfriend’s place, and a couple of years ago, we posted the story of a man who put on an elaborate disguise to take a graduation exam on behalf of his girlfriend. The things we do for love…

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