Man Divorces Wife Two Days After Wedding After Finding Out She Was a Man

Indonesian media recently reported the bizarre case of a 31-year-old man who married a woman he met online only to find out that she was actually a man two days after their wedding.

The man, identified only as Muh, in order to protect his identity, reportedly met his wife, Mita, on Facebook about a month ago. After getting to know each other and establishing a romantic relationship online, the two decided to meet up in real life as well. They went out for coffee, and the 31-year-old claims that nothing about Mita’s appearance and voice felt suspicious. She looked beautiful and graceful, which made him fall in love with her instantly. He was staying up at night thinking about her, and after a few weeks of dating, he called Mita up one day and asked her to marry him.

“Mita, I miss you! Let’s just get married,” Muh told his beloved, and she accepted immediately. Last month, Muh told his family about his plans to get married, and he and his parents visited Mita’s house to deliver the dowry, as is customary. The 20 million rupiah ($1,430) offered by his family was considered a considerable dowry.

On the morning of June 2nd, Muh and Mita arrived at the Office of Religious Affairs in  Kediri District, Indonesia’s Central Java, to be wed. Even though the 25-year-old had most of her face covered on the big day, no one thought she looked suspicious, as her face cover was traditional for a bride. Their wedding was attended by religious leaders from around the region, none of which had any suspicions about the bride’s gender.

Things started going south for the newlywed couple when Muh tried to consummate their marriage on their wedding night, only to be turned down by his young wife. He didn’t think too much of it, thinking there was always the following night and every one after that, but when the same thing happened on his next attempt, he began to suspect that something was wrong.

After the third night passed without any “action”, Muh started doing some investigating, asking around about his wife, and was shocked to learn that Mita was actually a man. As incredible as that was, it made sense, since she had refused to make love to him for three nights straight.

It’s not clear how Mita found out that her new husband had learned about her true gender, but when Muh came home to confront her, she had already left. Mad with anger, Muh told his family the truth and immediately divorced his “wife”. Feeling cheated by the person he had thought his soul mate, he also notified the police about Mita’s deception and accused her of being a fraud.

Police quickly found and arrested the 25-year-old, who turned out to be a man named Adi. It’s unclear if he will have to face charges, or what punishment he stands to receive.


Interestingly, Muh and Mita’s marriage broke the record for the shortest union ever recorded in Indonesia’s West Lombok region.

Muh’s story isn’t unique. Earlier this year we featured the very similar of a Ugandan holy man who married a woman who turned out to be a man wearing makeup.

Source: IndoZone

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