Newly Married Woman Divorces “Cheap” Husband in Their Honeymoon

A newly-married woman from the UAE recently filed for divorce from her husband, who she accused of being too cheap and making her pay for everything.

Arabic newspaper Al Baiyan reports that the unnamed woman filed a case in the Personal Status Chamber at Abu Dhabi court, asking for a divorce from her Iranian husband, even though they were technically still in their honeymoon. She claims that the man, who is 13 years her junior, asked her to pay for everything, including groceries and bills for electricity and water. The scorned woman is apparently so determined to be rid of her husband that she agreed to waive all of her rights just to get the divorce.

The woman complained that her “cheap” husband specifically asked her to register all utility bills under her name, claiming that he had lost all of his personal documents. Her attorney told the court that the man even asked her to handle all the registration for services, while he had his personal documents processed.

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“He didn’t spend a penny on this marriage,” the woman said, adding that even though she bought all the furniture in their house, instead of showing his appreciation, her husband started neglecting her. She couldn’t stand it anymore and filed for divorce before their honeymoon was over.

Compared to other blitz divorces we’ve featured in the past, this one actually came pretty late in the marriage. Earlier this year we wrote about a couple who divorced 3 minutes after getting married, after the husband insulted his wife by calling her “stupid”. There was also the case of a husband who divorced his bride 15 minutes after marrying her, because he couldn’t reach a dowry agreement with his father-in-law.

via Khaleej Times

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