Prends-Moi – The World’s First Weight Loss Perfume

Forget about painful diets and grueling exercise, from now on all you have to do to lose weight is spray on a little perfume. The magic fragrance is called Prends-Moi and is said to contain beta-endorphins that reduce the urge to overeat.

Developed by the French perfume house Robertet, the Veld’s Prends-Moi slimming fragrance was launched last year, but only recently made its debut on the English market, where women welcomed it with open arms. On July 30, the Daily Mail reported around 6,000 women had subscribed to the product’s waiting list, hoping this could actually be the miraculous weight-loss solutions they had been waiting for. It’s easy to understand why people would gladly fork out some cash on such an easy-to-use slimming product, but can shedding the pounds be as easy as putting on perfume? According to the makers of Prends-Moi, it sure can.

Veld’s Prends-Moi weight-loss perfume apparently contains a series of special ingredients that help users in their dieting efforts. The most important one, “Betaphroline”, will induce the release of B-endorphins when it comes into contact with the cells in the outer layer of the kin. This in turn triggers a sensation of wellbeing in the brain that reduces the need to overeat. But that’s not the only thing that helps you lose weight. Prends-Moi also contains caffeine, carnitine and spirulina extract, a combination that said to activate the enzymes involved in breaking down fat. That all sounds very nice in theory, but does it actually work? The Centre of Biological Research and Cutaneous Experimentation study of women aged 18 to 75 years found that 82% felt “a sensation of comfort” after using Prends-Moi, while 75% felt a decrease in their eating urges after using the fragrance for four weeks. According to the perfume’s official site, the wearer has to apply Prends-Moi generously in the morning and again when they feel a snack-attack coming up.


In terms of fragrance,  top notes include accents of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, while base notes are musk and vanilla with patchouli and sandalwood. The majority of women who have tried Prends-Mois say they like the way it smells and would wear it every day.

via NY Daily News