Russian-made Wooden Computer

This incredible piece of technology-art was custom built by a Russian craftsman for an anonymous client. This wooden computer not only looks more like a piece of art that belongs in a gallery, it’s a perfectly functional desktop computer. Tests showed that after 24 hours of extreme gaming there was no trouble with overheating.











The Vampire-Slaying Kit

This cool-looking vampire-slaying kit was on sale on eBay back in 2006 and it was apparently a genuine 19th Century kit made in Transylvania.

The vampire-slaying kit contained all the items a real vampire slayer would need to battle the Nosferatu, including  bottles of holy water, a seringe for injecting liquid garlic, a 13.1 inch beautifully encrusted knife, an old bible, several wooden spikes and a hammer to help impale the vampire’s heart, and a beautifully crafted cross.

All the items were presented in a vintage metal box that immediately caught the eye of several buyers and made the vampire-slaying kit sell as fast as you can say “I waaaant to suuuuck your bloood!”







Source: BoingBoing

The Spoon Cadillac

 Uri Geller, one of the world’s most famous spoon-benders, also created one of the most unusual cars you’ve ever seen. Covered with over 5,000bent pieces of silverware, Geller’s Spoon Cadillac is a tribute to his extraordinary talent. 1000 spoons and forks were donated by children from Israel, India, Great Britain and others are collection items, touched or used by famous personalities.

If he were to drive his Spoon Cadillac, instead of keeping it on display at the Beaulieu National Museum, in England, Uri Geller would have some serious trouble getting it washed and waxed. Some of the pieces on this custom-built 1974 Cadillac were bent by Uri Geller himself, using his incredible brain-power, while the others were bent artificially by him and his friend Avi Pines, a famous Israeli sculptor.





Chinese Make Cheap Dodge Tomahawk Replicas

Back in 2003 Dodge first presented its monster on four wheels, the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle (I know I said four wheels, but I can’t call it a car now can I?). This baby had an 8.3 V10 Viper engine that produced unimaginable power. Only 10 Dodge Tomahawks were ever built and they were sold with 550,000 dollars.

But if you thought you had no chance in hell to get your hands on one of these babies, think again. The Chinese have created an exact replica of the Dodge Tomahawk, called KMD K-007 Tron Bike MC-06. It’s got a weak 150 cc engine, but it looks just like the Tomahawk and costs only $1398.










Bicycles Made Out of Gold

Designers from the Scandinavian firm Aurumania have created a limited series of 10 bikes made out of solid gold.  Each piece of every bike was created by hand and the whole thing decorated with 600 Swarovsky crystals. The bikes all come with a leather seats and horns and they each cost around 80,000 dollars.

I’d buy one of these gold designer bicycles if I knew how to ride one and…if I could afford it.




Travelodge – Europe’s First Container Hotel

Travelodge Hotel just opened in London, England and although it might not look like anything special, it’s much different than ordinary hotels for the simple reason that it’s made out of containers. That’s right, those large metal boxes container-ships carry around. This is a first for Europe, but in China container-hotels are common, especially in Shanghai.

Travelodge has 120 rooms, but you can relax, they look nothing like the inside of a container. They are ecquiped with all the facilities you can find in any normal hotel room and if the hotel is able dismantled, the containers can be use for shiping. This is what experts call an ecological building






Bad night at the museum

This is funny and painful to watch at the same time, but it’s a lot funnier than it is painful. This South-African thief decided that the best place for him to rob would be a museum, and without any careful planning picked its lock and went in. That’s when things started going terribly wrong, the alarm went off, he panicked and decided to make a run for it. He climbed a tree in the museum yard and tried to jump over the spiked fence. But as always, karma comes back and bites you in the arse…or impales you, in this case. His jump wasn’t as good as he hoped and a metal spiked penetrated his…well, you know.

The police had to lift him with a crane before they could arrest him, but he should look at the bright side, when he goes to jail and gets raiped like a little bitch for the first time, he’s not  gonna feel shocked.

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Bottle-opener improvisation

How many times did you want to enjoy a glass of fine wine and realised you didn’t have a bottle-opener in the house? Well that happened too many times in my case, but thanks to these wonderful “how-to” photos, it never has to happen again. Sure this improvisation isn’t the most elegant way to open a wine-bottle, but it gets the job done.

So no more sticking forks into the cork (my case),  a hammer, a screwdriver and a screw are all the bottle-opening tools you’ll ever need.





Crown Fountain – A Wet Wonder

Designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, the Crown Fountain is one of Chicago‘s most popular landmarks. It’s made out of a black granite pool placed between two glass towers and it is covered with LEDs depicting faces of the residents of Chicago and natural sceneries. It is 50 meters high and when it was built, in 2004, it cost around 17 million dollars.

In the warm season the Crown Fountain provides entertainment especially for the children of the city who love getting soaked by the water coming out through two nozzles, that makes it seem like the face on the tower is spitting  it out. Crown Fountain is extremely popular among the residents of Chicago that come here to relax, enjoy themselves and have their pictures taken in hope that their face might end up on the fountain.








The Nemo 100 Mini-submarine

German company Nemo Tauchtouristik GmbH & Co KG recently tested their Nemo 100 mini-submarine.The Nemo 100 was created using the blueprint of a normal size submarine and adapted into a tourist attraction. It can only carry 2 people, the pilot and one passangers, it can reach a depth of 50 meters and has an air supply that lasts 70 hours.

Nemo Tauchtouristik GmbH & Co KG will soon start organizing dives for tourists in lakes across Germany and in the Baltic Sea. I don’t know about you, but the Nemo 100 makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at it.





Meanest Auto Sound-System Ever

No idea who built this bad boy, but it’s definitely the most impressive auto sound-system I’ve ever seen. Just imagine cruising through your neighborhood with that thing cranked up to full volume, old people yelling and throwing their canes at you, hommies giving you envious looks and babes falling at your feet. Well maybe except for the last one, but it’s still worth it.

Would like to see it on a more decent ride, but this mega sound-system is still wicked. I wonder what its specs are. If you have some info on this baby please share.





A Strange Fountain

A new landmark found its way on the map of Chicago and it may make people call it The Shitty City instead of The Windy City.

Installed in front of a residence in Augusta, The Shit Fountain was created by Jerzy S. Kenar, an artist internationally known for his religious sculptures, who has had enough of people not picking up their dogs doo-doo of the streets. So he decided to make a monument for the dogs and created a bronze sculpture that perfectly resembles dog crap.

Most people received The Shit Fountain warmly but their have been people who disapprove of such a display in their neighborhood.

A Look at the Big Picture

The Big Picture is a project by British creative artist Helen Marshall who worked with specialists from PollyTiles to create what may be the world’s largest photo mosaic in central Birmingham. The idea behind The Big Picture was to create the biggest photo album in the West Midlands, where people donated over 110,000 photographs.

The photo mosaic is a new record in terms of size, covering over 3 tennis courts. If you’re ever in Birmingham, you shouldn’t pass the opportunity of seeing The Big Picture photo mosaic unveiled at the city’s ThinkTank in Millenium Park, on August 23rd.




The Big Picture

2008 Red Bull Cliff Diving

On August 23rd, an extraordinary even took place in the German port-city of Hamburg. The world’s top 10 cliff-divers gathered here to demonstrate their abilities and claim the title of 2008 Red Bull Cliff Diving Champion.  The winner of such a competition is not even important, just being able to accomplish such incredible acrobatic feats is remarkable. These people accelerate from 0 to 90 km/h and drop back to 0 in a free fall that only lasts 2.5 seconds.

Just watch the video and be amazed:







Dangerous Snake Hunting

I don’t exactly know where this kind of snake hunting is practiced but my money’s on Australia. I tried to find some info besides the photos but I couldn’t find anything; if you know more, please share.

Wherever they’re from, these snake hunters have balls the size of freakin’ Jupiter, I wouldn’t chase a snake in its lair even if you paid me all the money in the world, and armed with only a piece of leather around my arm and a small fire. Look at the photos and judge for yourself if this is courage or insanity…

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