6 Unique Vehicles Based on the Smart

Definitely not my dream car, the Smart is a useful vehicle that will get you from point A to point B, with decent fuel consumption and no worries about finding a parking space. But other than this, the Smart isn’t the most impressive car on the market. But with a little imagination and a lot of work, even the Smart can become a unique neck-twister. Here are six examples:

Smart tank

Now this is one Smart I’d love to take for a ride! A tank is probably the last thing anyone would think about when looking at a Smart, but it’s surprising how well those tracks fit on the little bug. Unfortunately not much is known about this unique tuning masterpiece, other than it belongs to someone in Germany.

Photo via Gizmodo

Smart ForFun2

Ok, so the Smart tank was a big surprise, but a Smart monster-truck is definitely impossible, right? Wrong, the guys at Daimler Chrysler built it themselves, and it looks pretty cool. Called the Smart ForFun2 is a fully functioning monster-truck based on the body of a common Smart.


Photos by Daimler-Chrysler via SeriousWheels



Inspired by Eleanor, the famous Ford Shelby GT500 from “Gone in 60 Seconds”, Smartinor is a weird combo between a Smart and the famous muscle car. Designed by the tuners at Thalon Design, Smartinor is definitely a unique vehicle, but I’m sure it’s not in any danger of being stolen by luxury car thieves.


Photos by TuningMag


Smart Starbug 1

Some of you may recognize the Starbug 1 from BBC’s Red Dwarf comedy series Back to Earth, but I’m sure all of you will appreciate its unique spaceship look. The custom-made Smart was auctioned off last year and probably snatched up by some hardcore fan of the series. Watch out for it on the streets on England.


Photos via RedDwarf


Smart limo

The world’s first and only Smart limousine was created by Carbonyte, the tuner who also previously created the first Ferrari limo. The stretched Smart combines the practicality of the Smart with the extra room provided by a van, and thanks to a lighter chassis, it’s powered by its original 600cc engine. The building of the Smart limo took 300 man hours, over a period of 4 weeks.


Photos by Carbonyte



Unveiled at the 2008 SEMA Auto Show, the Batsmart is basically a Batmobile-themed Smart. The guys who made it probably anticipated the tough economic times to come, and decided to offer the Dark Knight a cheaper alternative to his fuel-hungry Batmobile. If you like it, you can check out more photos of the Batsmart here.




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