Artist Makes Awesome Transformers Costumes from Household Goods

We’ve posted some pretty cool Transformers statues and costumes here, on Oddity Central, but the Brooklyn RobotWorks costumes created by artist/cosplayer Peter Kokis are unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

When we look around the house, in our kitchens and bathrooms, most of us see a lot junk we don’t use very often, but Peter Kokis sees the perfect materials to build his über-awesome exoskeletons and thus bring our favorite Autobots to life. Looking at his creations for the first time, your jaw suddenly hits the floor as you stare in awe, but as Peter anticipates, looking a little closer you’ll eventually say “hey, I have those at home”. It’s hard to believe, but he’s somehow able to turn a common dog bowl into the perfect cannon muzzle and pooper-scoopers into realistic shins.

The magic happens at the Brooklyn RobotWorks foundry, in, you guessed it, Brooklyn, New York, where Peter Kokis spends hundreds of hours making these incredible costumes. So far, the cosplay enthusiast has created exoskeletons for Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Ironhide, and a realistic Terminator.

Brooklyn Ironhide

Construction time: 600 hours

Weight: 164 lbs


Materials used: Brooklyn tourist giftshop license plate, football chest protector, 2 hockey leg guards, 2 shin guards, extreme sport body armor, 69 velcro straps, 2 pooper scoopers (ahem…), dog bowl, salad spinner, 2 corn cobbers, plastic hangers, 6 toilet paper roll holders w/ 2 full assemblies, 2 spatulas, 2 gardening hand tools, 6 sweeper shroud sleeves, 4 toothbrush holders, 2 toilet brush holders (yikes…), 2 ashtrays, 4 corner putty knives, lotsa paper towel holder parts, lotsa hand towel holder parts, lotsa toilet tank hardware,
toilet seat mounting hardware, dish drain basin parts, heavy weightlifting belt, athletic laces, 2 bicycle wall-hanger mounts, lotsa closet pole mounting hardware, 4 toy truck wheels, 2 pill splitters, 2 paint can crimpers, 4 paintbrush holders, 12 turnbuckles, contact lense case, 2 tool hangers, 7 ‘Muscle Milk’ drink bottles, utility thermos, camping thermos, 2 shoehorns, 3 hand juicers, 109 hydrogen peroxide bottlecaps!, punk gloves, themed gloves, 2 dust pans, hairclip, 2 flower pot drain pans, 2 cellphone pouches, flower planter, 4 bird feeders, 2 hair straps, protective goggle lenses, toy helmet (after 40 hours of alterations), knitted head cap, soapdish, Army jungle boots, electrical switchbox, sink drain strainer, 2 cased veggie peelers, 2 paint applicators, 2 child-proof latches, sewing machine parts, 3 sets of measuring cups, 6 radiator knobs, lotsa knobs & pull handles, 4 sponge holders, 2 doorknob wall guards, 4 desktop storage bins, lotsa plumbing supplies, vitamin dose containers, lotsa bottlecaps, sunglass lenses, a PowerWheels toy car front end, 2 bread graters, 4 paint roller handles, a whole bunch more of gizmos & widgets.


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Brooklyn Optimus Prime

Construction time: 475 hours

Weight: 120 lbs




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Brooklyn Bumblebee

Construction time: 350 hours

Weight: 145 lbs

Materials used: dish drain basin parts, 2 apple corers, sport shinguards, 4 phone handsets, lots and lots of plumbing piping, doorknob wall guards, 2 toilet tissue holders, 4 sponge holders, lots of closet pole hardware, 5 doorstops, coat hooks, buttons, foam padding, shoe horns, auto cig lighter plugs, 3 contact lense cases, speaker, lots of knobs & cabinet hardware, fannypack, socks, pipe flanges, hairclips, 4 sunglass lenses, hairband, radiator pipe guards, bottlecaps, 2 toothbrush holders, 2 ice scrapers, pot handle, 2 bath towel holders, inner-tubed handtruck tires, 2 ice skate blade guards, womens’ fashion belt, laundry ball (?), army boots, hockey leg guards, 2 jar openers, kids’ toy helmet (after 20 hours of detailing), 2 bicycle lights, cotton balls, camping thermos, 3 egg slicers, turnbuckles, extreme sport leg armor, soap dishes, street vendor belt, 76 velcro straps, punk gloves, foam fire insulation, paint can crimpers, 2 dumbells, toilet seat parts, 2 hair curlers, 4 dish brushes, 2 paper towel holders, ash tray, toilet tank hardware, toilet brush holder (yikes), a Camaro front end…ahem…, plus a bunch of things from hardware stores that even Peter can’t figure-out, and… lots and lots and lots of plastic from trash cans, buckets, storage & food containers, cleaning product containers, vitamin & beverage bottles, and anti-freeze containers.



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