Fan Builds Awesome DIY Iron Man Suit

A passionate Iron Man fan from the United Kingdom spent hundreds of hours creating a realistic-looking suit of the Marvel superhero from Eva foam, wood and other recycled items. Did I mention he’s only 17?

Reddit user Mafferick was so impressed with his 17-year-old friend’s home-made Iron Man costume that he decided to share it with the community. DIY fans obviously had a lot of questions about the materials he used and the time he spent working on it, so he gave the young creator the chance to reply via his account. It turns out the guy is a big fan or Iron Man, and he also likes making stuff, so this awesome wearable suit is a combination of two of his greatest passions. He used “lots and lots of foam, wood and various recycled bits and bobs (the boots are some old shoes with the cushions from some old roller blades to make them wearable)”, and spent “a few weeks if you add the hours together” sculpting all the various parts and making them look as realistic as possible. The rudimentary tools used to make this impressive piece of equipment include an industrial knife, a dremel, sandpaper and over 100 extra sharp blades for cutting the Eva foam. He painted the whole thing with automotive spray paint and now plans to give it a “damaged” effect. The price tag – around $540 worth of materials and a great deal of time.


Upon finishing his masterpiece, the young DIY master showed it off at the most suitable event – the opening night of Iron Man 3, in the UK, where he got the reaction he was hoping for – lots of pictures and Iron Man hugs. He doesn’t plan on selling his suit unless people offer him “ludicrous sums of money”, which in his book means between $1,000 and $1,400. Remember, he’s just 17. He actually got a few offers from a few redditors, but it’s unclear if he sold it yet. His next project is the mark 42 Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the soon-to-be-released Hollywood movie.


While it may not be as impressive as Anthony Le’s mind-blowing War-Machine costume, it’s definitely an effort worthy of praise.













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