Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Hair Takes over Instagram

The latest beauty trend to hit Instagram involves women coloring their hair with special dyes that makes it glow in the dark. The look, also known as ‘blacklight hair’ comes in a variety of neon shades – blue, pink, green, orange, and copper red. Some women seem to prefer a single shade, while others go for a multicolored ‘rainbow’ look.

The technique isn’t exactly new but its popularity has soared in the past few weeks, with a particular brand of haircare products – Manic Panic – fuelling the trend. Their ‘High Voltage Classic Cream Formula Hair Care’ is flying off the shelves as more and more women posting photographs of their own fluorescent hairstyles on social media.


Photos: rainbowmegz/Instagram

The product is used to make streaks in the hair, which glow in the dark or under a blacklight. Users can choose from colors like ‘Siren’s Song’ aqua, ‘Electric Lizard’ green, and ‘Hot Hot Pink’. And for those who aren’t interested in bright neons, the dye is also available in more natural colors like ‘Raven’ black, and ‘Virgin Snow’ blonde. Of course, the fluorescent look is the most striking, especially when a range of vivid colors are used.


Photos: @Autumnbottom23/@Rainbowmegz/Instagram

Manic Panic’s colors are permanent, but there are other temporary solutions available as well, like Splat’s In the Dark, Iglow’s Temporary Glow in the Dark Hair Gel, and The Glow Company’s UV Rinse Hair Color. The colors work on natural as well as bleached hair, and are believed to be completely safe. “Glow-in-the-dark is a fun trend that won’t necessarily damage your hair, but keep in mind that bright colors tend to stain blondes,” said New York celebrity colorist Meaghan Frayne. “Always make sure your hair is conditioned before applying color.”


Photo: Rainbowmegz/Instagram

These products can be applied by an expert at the salon, but also home, if you know what you’re doing. According to Karen Brown, a hair expert from UK Salon ‘Hair by JFK’, using three to four colors will provide maximum impact. “This look can easily be achieved at home by using Manic Panic UV reactive dyes,” she said. “To use this at home, do a strand test first, taking a small portion of hair from behind the ear and monitoring the progression of color.”


Photo: Manic Panic

“This will give a good outline of what color your hair will turn and can avoid disappointment if you are trying to dye a darker hair color. Apply mixture evenly throughout your hair and leave in for around 30 minutes, at room temperature. Gentle dyes such as Manic Panic can be left in for hours to result in a more intense colour without any damage to the hair.”


Photo: vainbeautyworld/Instagram

Brown added that users should always wear gloves while dealing with these products, comb their hair thoroughly beforehand, and avoid getting the mixture into their eyes.


Photo: @sango888/Instagram

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