Soda Maker Puts Bacon, Buffalo Wings in a Bottle

Why eat stuff when you can drink it? That seems to be the philosophy behind Lester’s Fixins bizarre soda flavors that include bacon, buffalo wings or sweet corn.

I always though Japan had the strangest flavors when it came to sodas, but after seeing what Lester, “a good ol’ boy from Texas” puts in his bottles, I think the US can compete with the Land of the Rising Sun, any day. Produced by Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop, Lester’s Fixins is definitely not your usual beverage, but it’s definitely a must-try if you want to find out what your favorite treat tastes like if you drink it. So far, Lester has six flavors: bacon, buffalo wings, sweet corn, peanut butter and jelly, pumpkin pie and coffee

According to some of the reviews I read online (I didn’t actually get to drink any of Lester’s Fixins), these sodas at least smell exactly like the foods they’re meant to replicate. When it comes to the actual taste, some flavors are better than others. For example, sweet corn apparently is so spot on you feel like you’re actually drinking corn, and the same goes for bacon, while the buffalo wings flavored one was described as orange-like with a subtle acidity. I guess they’re worth a try to satisfy your curiosity, or if you’re a huge fan of bacon, otherwise, I don’t think you’ll find them very tasty.




Photos by Rusty Blazenhoff via Laughing Squid