Man Buys 20 Brand New Robot Vacuums For Just $80, Gets What He Paid For

A Chinese man who recently bought 20 robot vacuums online for an unbelievable bargain price documented his experience to the delight of the internet.

The average price of a decent robot vacuum in China is around 1,000 yuan ($145), with more advanced models costing several times that much. So imagine finding a robot vacuum for just 27 yuan ($4) online! Can you blame this guy who bought 20 of them at once, just to make sure that their number compensates for performance only to learn the hard way that that’s not how these things work? As you can imagine, there was a reason those things cost next to nothing, but at least he got a good laugh and a lot of online attention out of it.

First, the Shanghai-based Youtuber unboxed one of the ultra-cheap vacuum robots and attempted to test it on his desk, by having it vacuum some pieces of paper. The result wasn’t impressive. Not only did it only suck in one of the dozens of pieces of paper, but it also fell off the desk.

Then, the guy tried a safer test, placing the vacuum in a large cardboard box with some torn tissues to clean up. The devices kept getting stuck in a corner and didn’t do much vacuuming. Whatever scraps it did manage to remove got stuck in its rotating brushes rather than getting vacuumed.


After concluding that his 20 $4 vacuum robots were little more than toys, he decided to unleash them all in his home at the same time, which at least looked pretty cool.

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