World’s Most Expensive Grill

While some love to tune their cars and turn them into eye-candy, others are more passionate about their grills. Like this man here, he spent around $15,000 to make a smoking grill. Complete with high quality speakers, amplifiers and even a touchscreen display, this grill is one of a kind in the whole world. It makes a mean steak too.






IC3 – Intelligent Cutlery

If you’re careful about what and how much you it, than IC3 is the perfect gadget for you. It’s made-up of a computerized handle and 3 interchangeable eating tools: a fork, a knife and a spoon, each with their own special features. The fork measures food composition, such as fat, sugar or protein levels, the spoon weighs your bites and the knife acts as a thermometer, taking temperature readings from your food. Together these three do a great job of replacing the normal nutritionist.

The IC3 Cutlery has been presented and is still on display at the Designparcours 2008 exhibition in Munich, Germany.






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The Real Burger King

21-year-old Brad Sciullo of Uniontown is the first person to ever finish eating the monster-burger known as the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser. The burger itself weighed 15 pounds but with all the toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, mild banana peppers, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and relish)  and the buns, it reached 20,2 pounds. Sure any man could gobble down a delicacy like this but hardly anyone could do it in 5 hours.

Brad Sciullo managed to do it, but it wasn’t easy, as he himself admits: “About three hours into it, things got tough,”and everyone can understand why. But he pushed himself to the edge and manage to finish the whole burger and won a $400 prize, 3 t-shirts, a certificate and “a burger hangover” as the owner od Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, where the event took place.

Asked why on Earth he decided to eat the giant burger, Sciullo said “I wanted to see if I could.”




The Heart-Attack Restaurant

Taste worth dying for!

That’s the motto of Heart-Attack Grill, a restaurant that prides itself on offering its customers probably the fattest, most dangerous food they’ll ever eat. But, like we all know, the greasiest food is also the tastiest. Heart-Attack Grill‘s menu includes the simple, double, triple and quadruple Bypass Burgers, Flatliner Fries (deep-fried in pure lard), Jolt Cola and no-filter cigarettes.

If you want to put your life on the line to experience the heavenly taste of fat food, all you have to do is travel to Chandler, Arizona, where Heart-Attack Grill is located. In case you do get a heart-attack, there are nurses in the restaurant, the only problem is they have no medical training, they just serve the food and look very hot, but that’s beeter than nothing right?








Masterpiece-Replicas Out of Sliced Salami

Creating art out of food is not always easy, and if that food happens to be sliced salami, well, I’d say you’d have your work cut out for you. But someone managed to create replicas of masterpieces like The Mona Lisa, using only different kinds of salami and baloney, and it turned out pretty good. The guests at this wedding seem to be enjoying it too, or perhaps they’re just really, really hungry.

Food art is all about imagination, and this food-artist has a very rich one, that’s for sure.






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What Coca-Cola Does to Your Stomach

There has been a lot of speculation about the effect of Coca Cola on the human stomach. There were those that said that the popular beverage could literally cause our intestines to melt if we drink to much of the stuff. Coca Cola always denied the rumors and said that their product is no worse than other soft drinks on the market and there was no official proof of the “dissolving effect“.

So a bunch of guys decided to conduct their own experiment and find out if the rumors are true. They just took a piece of red meat, put it in a plate and poured some Coca Cola over it. They left it there for two days and took some photos throughout their experiment. The Coke didn’t completely dissolve the meat but you can see that it doesn’t look like anything you’d like to have inside your body. And the smell was unbearable.

I’m sure pretty much everyone knew  that Coca Cola wasn’t the healthiest drink on the market, but I for one didn’t think it could do that to flesh. No more Coke for me!







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A Sandwich Can Kill You!

This is the motto of Buns and Guns Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon.

“They accuse us of terrorism, so let’s serve terrorist bread, why not?” says Mr. Ibrahim, the owner of Buns and Guns. The restaurant looks like a military post, with sand-bags to protect the clients, sounds of machine-guns and bombs instead of music and illustrations of different weapons all around.

Set up in a Hezbollah-controlled area of Beirut, Buns and Guns started attracting customers on the first day it opened and foods like “terrorist bread, rocket propelled grenade, Dragunov, Kalashnikov, Viper or B52” are becoming more and more popular.

Mr. Ibrahim says the only way a Buns and Guns sandwich can kill somebody is by its generous size.











Bacon chocolate

Believe or not folks Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges is not the only bacon chocolate available on the market. It seems people have had enough of traditional sweets and are ready for something new, no matter how weird.

Bacon is I think one of the last things I’d associate with chocolate but, according to what I read about this stuff, it’s becoming quite popular. I for one will stick to just plain milk chocolate, but if you’re interested about Vosgesbacon chocolate visit their website and learn more.





LEGO Sushi

This LEGO sushi plate just goes to show you that LEGOs can be molded into pretty much anything. Just look at how delicious the arrangement looks, I’d sink my teeth into it and I don’t even like sushi.

This LEGO sushi work of art belongs to Big Daddy Melson, a true master









China’s fast-food menu for the 2008 Olympics

The Chinese have done a great job so far as hosts of this year’s Olympic games and they deserve to be praised. But the food they offer foreign tourists…now that’s a whole other story. I love traveling and one of the things I love to do most when I visit a foreign land is try out the local menu.

I’m not picky when it comes to food but just looking at those scorpions on a stick kills my appetite. I hear roaches and other insects are very nutritious and I’d probably eat them if my life depended on it, but actually paying for them…never.

Enjoy the pics!










The delicious Meat House

This house makes you hungry when you look at it.

Joel Richards from created this delicious-looking house out of sausages, bacon and other eatable components and got some serious attention, deserved attention if you ask me, that house looks good enough to eat. Great job and looking forward to their next meat creation.













Now that’s good eating!

Eating sushi off a beautiful naked body, now that’s what I call a meal.

Hadaka Sushi is a restaurant set on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, where rich people can serve delicious sushi right off human platters. The art of arranging pieces raw fish on naked human bodies is known as Nyotaimori (which translates as “female body arrangement”) and it is a very old Japanese tradition, so old its origins are unknown.

Not anybody can afford such an extravagant meal, the model alone costs $1100 and the food is extra. But it appears there are plenty of people out there willing to pay such a price, some of them even asked for male model as platters and the restaurant obliged. Although not the first “naked sushi” restaurant in America, it is the first, and so far only, one in LA. And I think it’s going to be a hit, because, as the owner says, “sex sells, especially on the Strip”.

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Orange sculptures

Now this is what I call juicy art.

I could think of a few things to make a sculpture out of, but oranges…definitely not on my list. I have to admit these look pretty cool though and I hope they ate the oranges after the presentation.


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Erotic pasta

I can’t imagine why you’d want to eat something like this.

Sex sells, that we all know, but this is stretching it a little, if you ask me. I stumbled across these photos during one of my frequent web-surfing session and I thought they fit perfectly here. I sincerely wonder if anyone actually eats these things or where u can get them maybe a sex-shop?


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Pizza-tossing championship

That’s right folks there’s such a thing as a World Pizza Championship.

It’s hosted in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy and it gathers tens of professional pizza makers from allover the world. The most impressive challenge of the entire contest is the pizza tossing, an acrobatic event involving the pizza dough. As you can see from the pics, these guys are true masters tossing giant pies into the air or spinning them on their fingers like basketballs and there are even synchronized-dancers performing with pizza dough. Must really cool to watch these guys go all out to take the title of best pizza maker in the world. So, if you’re ever in Italy…

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