Honey Baked Ham Cupcakes

Sweets keep getting weirder and weirder these days. After the bacon-flavored chocolate, I present to you the honey baked ham cupcakes.

Stef, from the Cupcake Project blog, has baked what she says is the world’s first honey baked ham cupcake. Those who tried these weird delicacies said they couldn’t really taste the ham, if anything it just gives the cupcake a nice sweet-salty flavor. In fact, the ham only acts as an edible cupcake wrapping, through which you have to bite your way to the tasty cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

If you want to try these at home, just visit Cupcake Project page and check the recipe.






Ant Sauce, Delicious!

Fried insects are considered delicacies in many cultures, but ant sauce? That’s something new.

During the April-June season, thousands of Colombian farmers collect giant ants, named ulonas, cook them and sell them as a traditional exotic dish. The ants are roasted in big bowls, bagged and shipped to stores around the country.

Some people eat the roasted ants, known as Culonas, as snacks, while others use them to make a special sauce that goes great with potato chips. To me, this looks almost as “tasty” as the Chinese fried insects menu.

Photos by Xianhua/Reuters

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The Sand-Eating Woman

I’ve heard about a lot of weird things that people take pleasure in eating, but sand?

Apparently there is someone out there who not only eats sand, but considers it a delicacy. Not much is known about this woman, other than she lives in a Russian village and every day she goes out, fills her bucket with sand and…eats it. You can see from the pics that she likes her sand very much.

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World’s Smallest Fast-Food Meal

And here I though the normal McDonald’s hamburger was small. This thing isn’t even big enough for a smurf.

I can understand why people would go out of their way to cook the world’s biggest hamburger, but the smallest? You don’t even get a nice, filling dinner out of it. But, as an artistic achievement, I guess it deserves some praise.

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Twitter Gets A cake

The popular micro-blogging site just got its first cake. Baked by Twitter user @wildflourbakery, the Fail Wail is a home-made chocolate hazelnut cake with a delicious butter-cream frosting. The Fail Wail Cake was created for a Lawrence, Kansas tweetup.

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Famous Pizza Faces

With the help of professional food-artist Prudence Staite, the Daily Mail presented a tribute to various international celebrities, engraving their faces in pizza. Using tomatoes, cheese and other popular toppings, Prudence Staite created true edible masterpieces.

via Daily Mail

Marilyn Monroe  / Elvis Presley

pizza-face pizza-face2

Elton John /                                                 Simon Cowell

pizza-face3 pizza-face4

The Queen /                                              Camilla Parker Bowles

pizza-face5 pizza-face6

Barack Obama /                            Victoria Beckham

pizza-face7 pizza-face8

Margaret Thatcher /                         Tony Blair

pizza-face9 pizza-face10

Tasty Edible Slippers

I always say true artists can make something beautiful out of anything, and these slipper-sandwiches are a perfect example. Food-art is one of my personal favorites, since I like art and love to eat, so you can imagine how happy I was when I stumbled over these pics.

Take a look, but be careful, they cause mouth-wattering!





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Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

Following our Whole Chicken in a Can post, we searched I Hate My Message Board blog for more weird “delicacies” and came across what the Consumerist called “the worst food product ever may have been found”.

If you thought the giant canned chicken looked disgusting, the pork brains in milk gravy will have you puking your guts out. According to Tracy, over at I Hate My Message Board, this food product is very common in American grocery stores, but that doesn’t mean it tastes or smells good. Apparently, the pork brains in milk gravy smell like ground up vienna sausages mixed with cheap, smelly dog-food. For me, that’s enough of a warning to never, ever try this stuff.

If any of you had the guts to eat pork brains in milk gravy, let us know if you liked it.






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Drinking Some Strange Fluids

Would you drink your blood and urine? You sure would if they tasted like sour candy.

Imagine the looks on your friends faces as you throw, what looks like urine, down your throat, directly from a urine sample container, or blood from a blood vial. Well, believe it or not, you can pull a prank like this, by using the Sour Candy Body Fluids, from Think Geek. The “urine” tastes like concentrated lemonade, only very sour, and the”blood” is actually sour cherry syrup.

Have fun, tricking your grossed-out friends.

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Whole Chicken in a Can

Canned food is definitely one of my favorites, I try to keep as far away from it as I possibly can. I do try some canned tuna every once in a while, but one thing I would never eat out of a can is a Whole chicken.

That’s right folks, people actually can entire chickens. Now, the can says it’s fully cooked but that thing looks anything but cooked. Tracy, over at I Hate My Message Board, actually tried this canned delicacy and, “surprisingly”, she wasn’t very pleased with it.

The photos taken by Tracy, during her gourmet experience, speak for themselves. Have a look:

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Most Disgusting Sandwich Ever

I’m one of those people who would eat anything when hungry, but I’d rather starve than eating that thing.




Le Whif – The Chocolate Inhaler

Are you addicted to chocolate? Do you want to stop eating the sweet treat, but can’t live without its taste? Now you don’t have to, Le Whif lets you taste chocolate without putting-on extra weight.

Harvard professor David Edwards and his students have created the revolutionary inhaling device as a conclusion to our eating habits. Over the years people have started eating in smaller quantities but more frequently, much like breathing.

Sure you will have to live without that wonderful sensation of chocolate melting on your tongue, but that keeps the extra kilograms off your body, I’d say it’s worth a try. Le Whif contains chocolate particles big enough not to reach the lungs, and small enough to have virtually no calories.

Le Whif chocolate inhaler comes in 4 different flavors: raspberry, mint, mango and simple chocolate, and it goes on sale on April 29, at a price of 1.50 English pounds.




Cool Custom-made Cupcakes

I never knew the words cool and cupcake could be used in the same sentence, but now I know it’s possible.

I found these photos while surfing the web, the other day, but, fortunately, I managed to find the original source, Hello Naomi. It’s an Australian bakery that makes custom cupcakes for special events. Their products look amazing and, according to their website, they taste just as good.

I visited this custom cupcakes heaven, and the prices are a bit spicy, but if you’re looking to find a special gift, you can’t go wrong with cupcakes. They have an impressive collection of designs to choose from, or you can just tell them what you want.

Too bad I don’t live in Australia…










World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fountain at the Bellagio, in Las Vegas is simply delicious.

Rising 27 feet above ground, and touching the ceiling, the chocolate funtain in Jean Philippe Patisserie displays a spectacular series of small chocolate waterfalls, filled with white, dark and milk chocolate.

Over 2,100 punds of tasty melted chocolate circulate through this wonder of engineering, at a rate of 120 quats per minute. Designed by award-winning pastry cheff Jean Philippe Maury, the chocolate fountain of the Bellagio took a year and a half in planning and design alone.

Sadly the whole fountain is enclosed by a glass wall, so no, you can’t dip your finger in it for a taste. Maury says the glass maximizes the color of the three types of flowing chocolate.











Photo source: 1, 2

Wing Bowl 2009

For some Americans the Super Bowl was not the most important sports even of the past week, the Wing Bowl was.

You gotta love Buffalo wings, they’re delicious, but would you get up at 5 in the morning to eat as man as you can?That’s what the contestants of Wing Bowl 2009 had to do in order to win the 17the edition of the event, on January 30.

23-year-old first-timer Jonathan Squibb managed to eat his way through 203 delicious chicken wings, 23 more than the runer-up. Squibb‘s prizes were a brand new Mini Cooper and a very good meal, of course. he said he’ll be back next year to defend his title.

Wing Bowl 2009 took place at the Wachovia Center, in Philadelphia, a town that is said came up with this competition 17 years ago because the locals were getting tired of their sports teams never winning competitions.

I’d enter Wing Bowl over The Big Eat any day.










Image Credits: William Thomas Cain (Getty Images)