New York Restaurant Will Deep Fry Anything You Want

I love fat, deep fried food just as much as everyone else, but deep fried macaroni and cheese, or Twinkies? Why not!

The Park Slope Chip Shop, a Brooklin take-away restaurant ran by a British couple, has made a name for itself by promising to deep fry anything you want. The restaurant opened back in 2001, when its owners, Chris Sell and Suzanne Hackett, missed their native British delicacies, and decided to introduce New York to good ol’ English batter. The deep frying madness began at a restaurant staff party, where they deep fried a Mars bar. It was delicious, so they tried the process with other foods, and added them to the menu.

Their new deep-fried dishes were a success, and soon people started bringing all kinds of foods they wanted to have deep fried. It all sounds heart-stopping, and it really is, considering deep frying pretty much doubles the calorie value of any food. It depends a lot on how porous the food is, so stuff like bread and buns take in huge amounts of grease.

Although battered and deep fried macaroni and cheese, Oreos, or Twinkies sound disgusting, Suzanne says they are absolutely delicious and contributed immensely to the success of the Park Slope Chip Shop. Deep fried cheeseburgers  and hot dogs are also pretty popular requests, but the owners always advise customers not to eat this kind of food too often, as it could actually kill them.

Among the strangest things people brought in to the Park Slope Chip Shop, Suzanne remembers pop tarts, a plate of sushi and even a whole pineapple. The restaurant will deep fry anything that doesn’t kill the chef, and avoid foods that contain a lot of water. For example, they found out the hard way that oranges explode when deep fried, so they’re staying well away from them.

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