Man Under House Arrest Asks to Be Put in Jail Because Living With His Wife Is “Hell”

A 30-year-old man from Guidonia, a town on the outskirts of Rome, found living at home with his wife so intolerable that he begged police to put him in prison.

Staff on duty at the Tenenza Carabinieri barracks in Guidonia thought they were the target of a prank on October 23, when a man casually walked in and confessed to breaking house arrest on purpose, so he could be thrown in jail. The unnamed Albanian man had apparently been fighting with his wife and decided that rather than living in the same house as her, he’d be better off behind bars.

Photo: Afif Kusuma/Unsplash

“He lived at home with his wife and family. It wasn’t going well anymore,” Captain Francesco Giacomo Ferrante of the Tivoli Carabinieri told AFP. “He said, ‘Listen, my domestic life has become hell, I can’t do it anymore, I want to go to jail.'”

The Albanian national had spent several months under house arrest for drug crimes, and still had several years left on his sentence, and the thought of spending all that time at home with his wife was apparently unfathomable.

“Arrest me, I can’t stand being at home with my wife anymore, I prefer prison,” the 30-year-old reportedly told police, who were more than happy to oblige. The carabinieri informed the judicial authority and the man was transferred to prison for breaking the terms of his house arrest.

Photo: Ichigo121212/Pixabay

Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time that a man literally chose prison over spending a minute longer at home with their spouse. In 2016, we wrote about another man who allegedly tried to rob a Kansas City bank, because prison beat living with his nagging wife.

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