Help, There’s a Tarantula on My Back!

A tarantula clinging on your back isn’t something you’d pay for, but that’s exactly what this dude Kevin did.

Ok, so it’s not a real tarantula, but still, it’s very creepy. the Tarantula Backpack was designed by Tamera, a talented Australian artist who creates a variety of 2D and 3D creepy toys and artworks. This particularly scary masterpiece was commissioned by Kevin,  who uses it to get his sick father’s blood pumping. After undergoing cancer surgery he needed to get his blood flowing, so his son thought placing his newly acquired Tarantula Backpack on the end of his bed would do the trick.

The fluffy tarantula unzips beneath its mandibles and you can store all your stuff inside. I thought the Black Dragon Backpack was creepy, but this is even scarier.

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Man Builds Life-Size Bumblebee Transformer

It may not be as cool-looking as the life-size Gundam robot in Tokyo, but, for a home-made statue, this real-life Bumblebee Transformer is pretty awesome.

A big Transformers fan from Lemoore, California, Tom Rhoads decided to build a Bumblebee replica right in his front yard. He started working on the 18-foot-tall statue right after his son was born. Seeing these are financially-troubled times, Tom created the life-size Transformer out of an old Volkswagen Beetle, instead of a brand new Camaro, like in the movie.

Rhoads and a friend worked on this Bumblebee statue for an entire year, then lifted it into position using a crane and reinforced its legs so it wouldn’t fall down.

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DIY Cigarette Pack Plane

Are you a smoker? Are you having a boring day at the office? Have we got a challenge for you!Try making one of these babies out of your cigarette pack.

I mean who knew something so cool could come out of something as useful as a cigarette pack. And it’s not like one of those folded-paper-planes that my father used to make for me when I was a kid, it’s a freaking fighter plane.

That does it, if I can’t quit smoking, I might as well learn to do cool things with the cigarette packs. Either that or switch to those electronic cigarettes thingies.

Sadly, just like with the edible hat, we couldn’t find the original source of these pics, so if you’ve seen them somewhere else or know who post them, let us know so we can give credit to this true origami master.