Geeky Inventor Transforms into Real-Life Transformer

Many of you probably know him as “The Transformers Guy from American Idol”, but Drew Beaumier is actually a young inventor who managed to create a fully functional Transformers outfit.

25-year-old Beaumier, from California, has always been a huge Transformers fan, but although the idea of building a geeky Transformers costume hit him a few years back, it wasn’t until he saw the advertisement for a good condition Power Wheels car that he actually began working on it. Using only a box of tools, glue and spare parts from WallMart, Drew took apart the second hand toy car and attached the parts to a sports body suit. It took him eight weeks of working in his garage to finish the masterpiece, but it was well worth the time.

With wheels attached to both his hands and legs, the geeky inventor can crouch into a car and roll down the street, or stand up and pose as a real-life Transformer. Not bad for a guy who not so long ago was struggling for money and doing lousy bar jobs. Now Drew makes a lot more entertaining tourists in Hollywood and taking photos with other Transformers fans. His ingenious suit has also helped him win a big cash prize on Halloween, for the last three years, which actually helped pay it off.

After the impression he made on American Idol, Drew Beaumier’s Facebook page was flooded with messages from some female Transformers fans that helped him confirm “chicks definitely find Transformers sexy”, as well as from fans who wanted their own cool costumes. So he didn’t waste any time and built some more suits. So far he has created  a Ford Mustang, Red Harley Davidson, Police Motorbike, Yellow Volkswagen Beetle, a pink Escalade, and is now working on an Iron Man replica.

His business agent is currently crunching the numbers, but Drew hopes his Transformers suits will be on the market real soon.