Meet Flexman, the Italian Vigilante Waging War on Speed Cameras

For the past eight months, a mysterious man dubbed ‘Flexman’ by his motorist fans has been disabling speed cameras in several Italian regions by cutting their supporting metal poles with an angle grinder.

The angle grinder was invented in 1954 by a German company called Flex, and even today, in many European countries, the angle grinder is popularly known as a ‘flex’. Little did the creators of this useful tool know that many decades later, the flex would inspire the nickname of a vigilante specializing in disabling speed traps on the roads of Italy by taking an angle grinder to the metal poles supporting them. Flexman first made news headlines in May of last year, when he took down his first speed trap on a road near Bosaro, in Italy’s Rovigo region. Since then, he managed to disable at least seven other cameras in Rovigo and Veneto using his signature angle grinder, and authorities still have no idea who he is or how to stop him.

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AI-Powered ‘Perfect Girlfriend’ Earns $30,000 per Month from Lonely Men

Lexi Love is a busty blonde AI model designed to attract not only with her stunning physique but also by engaging her paying subscribers in 30 different languages, 24 hours a day.

The AI model business is booming, and Lexi Love is only the latest example. We’ve already written about similar projects, with Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini, the ‘world’s hottest model’, being among the most popular. Love recently made international news headlines, with her creators – UK-based startup, Foxy AI – claiming that she generated around $30,000 in monthly subscriptions and that she has already gotten over 20 marriage proposals, despite only being active since June 2023. Apparently, Lexi owes her success to the fact that she was designed as more than just a pretty face and amazing body, as she is able to “flirt, laugh, and adapt to different personalities, interests, and preferences.”

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Guy Gets Five Women Pregnant at the Same Time, Hosts Joint Baby Shower

A young New York musician recently sparked controversy after allegedly getting five different women pregnant at about the same time, and hosting a joint baby shower with all of them.

22-year-old New York City musician Zeddy Will has been getting a lot of attention for his latest “achievement” – allegedly impregnating five young women and somehow convincing them to take part in a joint baby shower. The bizarre news was announced by Lizzy Ashleigh, one of the mothers-to-be, on TikTok. The 29-year-old woman posted invitations to the baby shower scheduled for January 14 which featured a photo of Zeddy Will and all the five women. The invitation read “Welcome little Zeddy Wills 1-5”.

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Man Parties for Four Days Straight After Unknowingly Getting Shot in the Head

A Brazilian man can consider himself lucky to be alive after he mistook a gunshot to the head for getting hit with a rock on New Year’s Eve and going about his business for four days.

21-year-old Mateus Facio was partying in Cabo Frio on December 31st of last year when he heard a loud noise, like an explosion in his head, followed by sharp pain. He instinctively put his hand up to the top of his head and felt blood. A doctor in the crowd noticed the blood dripping from his head and helped stop the bleeding, but thinking that he had just been hit by a random stone thrown by someone in the heat of the moment, Mateus just went about his business. He just applied some ice to the wound, celebrated New Year’s with friends, and then drove 300 km (186 miles) to his home in Juiz de Fora. On January 3rd, he went to work as usual, then drove to Rio de Janeiro to meet some friends, and it was only in the afternoon of the 4th that he realized something was wrong with him…

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Trucker Barbie – Woman Gives Her Massive Truck a Pink Makeover

Georgeta, a 35-year-old truck driver from Romania, has been dubbed the Romanian Barbie for surrounding herself with the color pink,  which dominates both the outside and inside of her truck.

Female truck drivers are definitely not the norm, but Georgeta really stands out with her pink outfits, pink truck, and very colorful personality. The so-called ‘Romanian Barbie’ went viral in her home country this week after photos of her and her pinked-out trucks started circulating on social media. The young woman has been driving a truck for 12 years, working mostly in Spain, but she recently came home, bought her own truck, and began working for herself. She spends most of her time in the truck, which is why she spent a lot of time and effort turning it into a cozy space that reflects her passion for the color pink.

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Parasitic Worm Manipulates Host into Drowning by Stealing Its Genetic Code

The hairworm might not look like much, but it is a sinister parasite that steals its host’s genetic code to manipulate it into deep water, so it can reproduce and start the cycle all over again.

During its larval stage, a hairworm’s first goal is to get eaten by a tadpole or a mosquito. It then lies dormant until this initial host is itself eaten by a larger creature, such as a cricket, grasshopper, or mantis. Once its Trojan horse is digested by the new host, the hairworm breaks out and begins sapping the poor insect of nutrients. This only takes about three months, after which the hairworm somehow manipulates its drained host toward water, where it would never go on its own, to drown. Hairworms breed in water, so after their host dies, they swim to the nearest ball hairworms to reproduce and start the cycle once more. Scientists have known about the worm’s ‘mindsnatcher’ trick for years, but a team of researchers claims to have finally figured out how hairworms actually brainwash their hosts.

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The Tale of Frank Hayes, the Only Jockey to Win a Horse Race While Dead

Frank Hayes is believed to be the only jockey in history to win an official horse race while dead. He suffered a heart attack while competing at New York’s Belmont Park in 1923.

According to Frank’s mother, the young stable boy and apprentice jockey had always been fond of hoses and dreamed of one day becoming a full-time race jockey, so when finally given the chance to prove himself in a 2-mile, 12-jump race at Belmont Park, he leaped at the opportunity. Frank Hayes loved training horses, and one of his favorites was Sweet Kiss, a 7-year-old unremarkable mare that wasn’t well thought of even by her owners. She had 20-1 odds in the big race and wasn’t expected to pull off anything extraordinary, but Frank believed she could win, so Sweet Kiss’ owners gave him the chance to prove it. This would be their only race together, but one that would be remembered a century later.

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Man Sues Dozens of Women for Giving Him Negative Reviews on Facebook Group

A Chicago man is suing 27 women for $75 million after they posted negative comments about him on a Facebook dating group, calling him “very clingy” and a ghoster.

32-year-old Nikko D’Ambrosio claims that his reputation was tarnished after several women who claim to have dated him posted their negative experiences on a private Facebook group called ‘Are We Dating the Same Guy’. The popular group originated in New York, but has since branched out to other major cities and is mainly used by women to share their experiences with men and ask for advice about various red flags. In D’Ambrosio’s case, dozens of women wrote derogatory comments, labeling him as clingy or accusing him of ghosting them after getting what he wanted. Now, the Chicago man is suing several of these women, as well as moderators of the Facebook group and parts of the social network’s parent company for $75 million.

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ChecKEY II – An Ingenious Key Accessory That Lets You Check if You Locked Your Door

Don’t you hate it when you can’t remember if you locked the front door when you last left your home? It’s a dreadful feeling that you don’t have to experience again thanks to a cool little accessory called CheckKEY.

Developed by Japanese lock manufacturer company Miwa, the ChecKEY is a sleeve-like accessory that goes over the top part of your regular key and features a small window that indicates whether you locked your door or not. The ChecKEY comes with a built-in mechanism that detects when you turn the key clockwise or counterclockwise and changes color accordingly. When you turn the key into a lock clockwise, the little window on the ChecKEY turns white, and when you turn it counterclockwise, it turns orange. The mechanism is entirely mechanical, so it never runs out of batteries. This way, when in doubt, you can just look at your key and tell if you really locked your door on your way out.

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Man Undergoes Penis Enlargement Procedure, Sues Doctor After Organ Shrinks

A Turkish man is suing the doctor he paid for a penis enlargement procedure after his sexual organ allegedly shrunk by one centimeter following the botched operation.

İlter Türkmen, a wealthy banker from Tekirdağ, Turkey is seeking 500,000 lira ($16,500) in compensation from Dr. Haluk Soylemez, the man who was supposed to help him enlarge his penis in both length and girth, but ultimately caused it to shrink. Türkmen claims that the doctor promised him an extra 3 cm (1.1 inches) in both length and girth, but after two botched procedures, he ended up with one less centimeter than he originally had. The banker’s lawyers told a judge of the 1st Civil Court of First Instance that he had to endure excruciating pain that left him unable to walk properly for a month and was left with a shorter, severely scarred sexual organ.

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Indian Man Puts on Lipstick and Makeup to Impersonate Girlfriend During Exam

An Indian man has been caught trying to take an exam at a Punjab university on behalf of his girlfriend by wearing lipstick, makeup, and female clothes.

Officials at Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Punjab’s Faridkot district recently caught a young Indian man using a disguise and fake documents in order to take the exam of multi-purpose health workers on behalf of a woman believed to be his girlfriend. The youth, identified as Angrez Singh from Fazilka, showed up at the examination center in Kotkapura on January 7  dressed in full female attire, complete with red bangles, bindi, and lipstick, and carrying documents in the name of the woman he was trying to impersonate, one Paramjit Kaur. While his disguise may have fooled the staff, they couldn’t trick the biometric scanners when his data didn’t fit the one in the database.

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Woman Blows Everyone Away with World’s Loudest Nose Whistle

A Canadian woman recently set a new Guinness record for the world’s loudest nose whistle, reproducing the theme song from The Godfather at a whopping 44.1 decibels.

LuLu Lotus discovered she could whistle through her nose when she was about seven years old. She would play pranks on her friends and teachers, and whistle popular songs, but it wasn’t until she saw a Netflix documentary that she decided to put her nose-whistling skills to the test. After watching DJ Steve Aoki’s documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and seeing the artist get awarded the world record of “Most Travelled Musician in One Year,” LuLu felt inspired to get her name into the Guinness Record Book as well, and what better way to do it than with her unique ability.

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Company Allegedly Moves Offices to Remote Mountain Area to Force Employees to Quit

A Chinese advertising agency is being accused by former employees of moving its offices from the city to a remote mountain area to force them to quit and avoid paying them compensation.

In what has been described as one of the most extreme tactics to convince employees to resign, an advertising company based in downtown Xi’an City, China’s Shanxi Province, allegedly moved its offices to a rural mountain area with very limited transport options. The accusations were made by a former employee who claimed to be part of a large part of the staff to leave the company due to the new working conditions. The man, known only as Chang, said that the company notified them that they would have to travel to a new location in the Qinling Mountains, which required a two-hour commute (one way), with very limited options for those without a personal car.

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Korean Model Wearing a Cardboard Box with Holes for Groping Charge with Obscene Exposure

A South Korean model who became known as the “Angel Box Girl” for walking around in a cardboard box and letting strangers grope her is being prosecuted for obscene exposure.

A few months ago, Ain, a self-proclaimed attention-seeking South Korean model, went viral for a risqué stunt that made international headlines. Videos of the young woman wearing only a cardboard box with four holes for her arms and legs, and two more for groping went viral, making Ain one of the most popular topics on social media. the young woman paraded herself on the streets of Hongdae, a vibrant nightlife district of Seoul, asking random people to put their hands through the holes in the “Angel Box” and grope her naked or scantly clothed body. As word of the Angel Box Girl spread through the streets, she ended up attracting large groups of curious people that the police had to disperse.

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Miraculous Pothole Allegedly Shakes ‘Dead’ Man Back to Life

An Indian man who had been pronounced dead by doctors allegedly came back to life when the ambulance transporting him home to his family hit a deep pothole.

India’s pothole problem is a well-documented one. It annoys and exasperates millions of people every day, and on occasion, it can cause serious injuries and even death, but according to the family of an 80-year-old man from Haryana, potholes can also be miracles in disguise. Darshan Singh Brar allegedly owes his life to a pothole. The man had not been feeling well for several days, so one of his grandsons decided to take him to a hospital near his home. He was diagnosed with a severe chest infection which also took a toll on his pre-existing heart condition, and despite doctors’ best efforts, he was pronounced dead after four days on a ventilator. But that’s only the beginning of our story…

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