Forget Protein Shakes, ‘Barbell Brew’ Contains as Much Protein as a Sirloin Steak

You don’t need to give up six-packs to get a six-pack anymore, thanks to ‘Barbell Brew’, a new alcoholic beer that contains over 21.8 g of protein per serving. That’s roughly the same amount of protein you would get out of a sirloin steak, so you can happily swap those disgusting protein shakes for this new, delicious brew!

If you suspect that Barbell Brew might be just another health drink hidden in a beer can, worry not. With an alcohol content of 3.6 percent, it’s perfect for a beer buzz while also getting your share of muscle-pumping proteins. What’s more, it tastes great, it’s gluten free, and it only has 92.4 calories – that’s 33% less than what you’d get from regular beers, and even less than most light beers.


Photo: Muscle Food

It appears that Barbell Brew might just be the world’s first guilt-free beer, and it’s all set to be released through online retailer at $22.24 for a six-pack. The company apparently spent several months developing the product until they finally got it right. “Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially when you enjoy a drink with friends,” said employee Darren Beale. “But now our high-protein alternative means anyone can enjoy a beer without the guilt.”

The company describes Barbell Brew as a wheat beer that “has notes of tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose… assertive, resinous hops, biscuit malt flavor… and an aggressive, dry and satisfying choppy finish.” The protein content is the same as you’d get from three extra-large eggs, or an eight-ounce container of Greek Yogurt.


Photo: Muscle Food

“Our rigorous taste tests have ensured it tastes similar to popular craft beers whilst holding 85% fewer carbohydrates and 33% less calories than other well-known brews,” Beale added. “Many of our customers are looking forward to enjoying a cold beer along with one of our hugely popular high-protein pizzas. Never before has anyone been able to claim that drinking a six-pack will help you get a six-pack and we’re delighted to have finally achieved that.”

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