5 Real-Life Dolls Who Have Achieved Internet Fame

Dolls hold a strange power of attraction over little girls. I suppose it is normal, but is it really if the attraction turns into an unhealthy obsession as they grow older? Some grown-up girls seem to be so infatuated with dolls that they want to look exactly like their plastic playmates. And a handful of them actually manage to achieve these looks.

Here we have a story of five girls who have achieved huge fame on the internet by looking exactly like dolls. We’re not sure if it is because of makeup, Photoshop, plastic surgery, natural beauty, or a combination of all four. All we know is that looks don’t get a lot more doll-like than this. I don’t know if you could categorize these looks as innocent or plain creepy. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.



Kotakoti was featured right here on OC a few weeks back.  The 16-year-old’s photographs went viral on Asian and Arabic social media websites, because of her uncanny resemblance to a doll. Although she seems to be quite a controversial Internet celebrity, with lots of people claiming her look is just photoshopped, Dakota Rose, or Kotakoti, has lots of fans who simply worship her.

She is often called a real-life Barbie, but while she does look very pretty and doll-like, I’m not really seeing a Barbie resemblance here. Are you? To me, she looks more like the anime characters from coloring books that I used to fill in with crayons as a kid. She also reminds me of the classic line from Red Riding Hood, “Oh Grandma, what big eyes you have!”


Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic is a 15-year-old from London, whose bizarre YouTube videos have made her an internet sensation. Her videos are tutorials on how to apply make-up to look exactly like an Asian doll, or BJD (Ball Jointed Doll). Angelic lived in Japan for two years and fell completely in love with Japanese anime. There is nothing wrong with doing a make-up tutorial, but you’ve really got to watch these to understand why they are considered bizarre, by some. Her voice and accent are so baby-like that people have wondered if it’s real. Angelic insists that it is. “I think it sounds that way because I speak five languages and all the accents mix together,” she says.

Angelic’s make-up routine consists of three layers of moisturizer, two layers of pink concealer, pink eye shadow, plenty of mascara and false eyelashes. She puts on some circle lenses (for that doll-eye effect) and the transformation is complete!



Wang Jiayun

Wang is a 17-year-old Chinese student who became famous overnight on Korean and Chinese blogospheres about a year ago, for her life-size doll looks. Her photographs received over a million hits a day. She was instantly nicknamed “Chong Qi Wa Wa”, which in English means blow-up doll. Later, the secret to Wang’s looks were revealed – makeup and Photoshop editing. Her natural pictures were leaked out on the internet recently, which hugely disappointed her many male fans and earned her severe criticism.

Still, Wang continues to post photos of her in a doll-like state on her very popular Facebook page.


Russian Barbie

Not much is known about her, except that she is from Russia, and looks exactly like a Barbie. Like all the other real-life doll girls, her pictures are pretty popular on the internet too. But it’s not clear how she achieved these looks, or even what her name is. I’d have to say, she does look less Anime and more Barbie. Especially in this one photograph where she stands exactly like a doll, face devoid of any expression. Creeps me out!


The real-life dolls mentioned above are all very young, but Angelyne is probably the original version of a real-life Barbie. Unfortunately, reality has its downside and the years have left their mark on this Los Angeles icon. We posted some pics of Angelyne way back in 2009, but all we were able to learn about her was that she rose to pseudo-stardom after a series of billboards with her sprung up around LA. She drives a pink Corvette, dresses in pink and is a pretty rare sight these days.

Although time hasn’t been very kind with Angelyne, she still retains that doll-like look, although I wouldn’t really compare her to Barbie these days.

Photo: Splash News